A New Start Today :)

Hi, everyone.

I hope you’re enjoying the new year.

Since the start of December and until the beginning of last week, I wasn’t totally well, and the Christmas holiday period was sadly a period where both my husband and I weren’t well, and last week I often felt a bit run down and not at my best too, while unfortunately my husband still wasn’t feeling well. The good thing is that my husband has been recovering the last days, and today he’s getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.

With being away and with not feeling at my best lately, there’s been a lot that hasn’t gotten done at home yet, and my life has lately consisted a lot of taking it easy, and gradually I’ve started to get more of the everyday type of things, like housework and cooking, done.

My good news now is that yesterday I agreed on a new weekly plan for myself with my husband, and this gives me a lot of structure, and I have started on trying out the new plan today. I’ve had a new start today, where I got up early and had a good start to my day, and I’m well on my way to testing out the new weekly plan for myself.

Now I need to stop writing as I’m a little bit delayed, and I need to get on to my next thing to do today, which is doing a session of a “Weekly Home Blessing Hour”, a good housework session you can read about at Flylady’s webpage.

Have a good day! :)

Ruth Kristin

Confessions of a Delayed Blogger

Hi there, all of my readers!

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing here for very long. There’s been very much going on, and I’ve often been very busy, and I’ve also often struggled with various things in my everyday life, like planning and organising, and this has affected my life, and also made it harder for me to come around to focus on my blog. There’s many factors that have played a part in delaying me and distracting me from working more on my blog, and then in the middle of it all I’ve kept on thinking about my blog now and then, putting off working on it now and then and probably often also forgetting about it with there being so much on my mind, and I’ve often had more than enough to deal with in my every day life, than to also be deeply thinking of what to write here and how to do things on my blog. I’ve basically often had a quite disorganised life, and I’ve felt that my everyday life often has been very messy and chaotic, and I’ve often felt very stressed.

Gradually my situation has started to improve the last weeks, and I now today felt like getting back into my blog writing, and finally I’m here.

My life hasn’t been perfect, and it has been very much filled up with challenges and struggles, and I have often been unhappy with how things have been. Then when I ideally would’ve liked to have been good at setting aside time for blogging and writing lots about my life, and the months have gone, and I’ve gotten more and more delayed in relation to all my ideas about what to write about, then it hasn’t made my blogging situation easier, as I would’ve liked to have told you many things from my last months in my life, and now I feel there’s heaps of things to write about, and that I need to catch up in relation to my ideas if I’m going to get to tell you a lot about how my life has been lately or at least give you some summaries from the time since I last wrote here, but I’m just not sure what to do now, as there’s so much to catch up on, but what I definetely will do is to send off this text soon and in this way just jump into my blogging again, and then hopefully I’ll soon write something more here.

I don’t want to pretend that I’ve got everything under control all the time. I don’t want to pretend that my life is perfect. I don’t want to pretend that I’ve got only good excuses for not writing here for many months. Actually, the situation has been far from me having everything under control all the time. I often struggle with keeping in control or on top of things in my everyday life, and this is one of the main things that has happened in this long period where there’s just been “silence” – me not writing – on my blog. Furthermore, my life has absolutely not been perfect, but filled with lots of challenges, difficulties, different types of pains, chaos, mess, disorganisation and not enough discipline – in addition to a lot of good things too, like nice moments, people praying for me and showing care, and enjoyable experiences, like eating a delicious meal.

It HAS been difficult for me to get blogging done, with how my life has been filled up with lots of important things to do and different challenges, a lack of organisation and other things that has affected my life situation, like mentioned before, but I believe I could’ve chosen to sit down and write here a long time ago, as I’ve managed to do a lot of letter writing lately, so I’ve showed myself I can set aside time for writing in that way. Basically, I haven’t been good enough at planning and at setting aside time for blogging lately, and I apologize for not writing regularly, at least once a month, lately. I don’t think it’s good for those readers who really want to read here and see what’s going on in my life. At the same time it’s not good for me to keep away for this long from my blog, for various reasons, for instance because I WANT to be active on my blog and develop my blog. I want this blog to bless people, and for it to happen more and more, I have to keep on writing, more and more.

That being said I have often felt that it’s been too much for me to deal with my blog the last months, and I’m asking you to please understand that side of things too, as sometimes life is so filled up with things to deal with that one can feel that certain things have to wait. Now I DO want to get back into my blogging again properly, though, and I really want to do some things to help myself, because I really want to suceed with this blog.

I think it’s very soon time for me to have a thorough planning session where I make some decicions for my blog and plan when I’m going to set aside time for working on my blog, writing texts for it and in other ways improving it.

I hope there are some readers out there who’s been reading my blog now and then, and who still wants to keep on reading here, and if you’re reading this, please will you send me some lines of comments to this blog text to let me know you are “hanging in there” still?

Take care, and have a very nice Tuesday onwards, if you read this this Tuesday I’ve written it, and if not have a very nice day whatever day it is for you! :)

Best wishes,

Ruth Kristin Burton


Two years of living in the UK

Hi, everyone.



I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for a bit long. I’ve been very busy. Anyway yesterday it was two years since I moved to the UK to live there permanently. It hasn’t always been easy to live in the UK for me as a Norwegian, and I have often missed Norway and family and friends there, but all in all I’ve gradually gotten more and more settled in the UK and am now much more at ease in the UK than in the start.

Today I have yet again gone to Norway for a little holiday and this time I have my husband with me to Norway for the first time since we got married, so this visit is extra special and nice for me.

We are visiting my parents in my birth city Stavanger this weekend, and being in the city where my life on earth started is very nice. However it is even better to think about that God saw me before I was born and that he had planned my existence. He had a very good plan for me and saw me as I was being formed in my mothers womb, and he loves me with an eternal love. The same goes also for you.

You are loved by God with a never ending love. He planned your existence and saw your unformed body before you were born. He has a very good plan for you and showed his love for you by letting his son Jesus die for you.


Enjoy your weekend, all of you! I’ll enjoy mine in Norway.


And remember: God loves you.

Ruth Kristin

The Blessings of a Morning Walk

Good morning! :)

Not long ago I came back home from another morning walk. I am not used to going on a morning walk and have only tried it a few times spread out here and there before, but last week was different. You see, for the first time in my life I went for a morning walk several days in a row last week, and some of the walks even started at nine, which was a time I had decided upon was going to be the starting time of my morning walk. My husband and I had made a very good arrangement for the week on Sunday evening the 8th of January, and one of the most important parts of the arrangement was that I was going to have a daily morning walk. With a very good deal with my husband, including a reward I would get if I kept to our deal, I was inspired and motivated for making sure I had my daily morning walk.

My first morning walk in the new year was Monday last week. I walked to a nature area nearby and spent some time there, and I really enjoyed my walk time. The next morning I had an appointment at ten, so then I rearranged my plans and had my morning walk as I walked to the appointment. Then on Wednesday and Thursday last week I started walking at nine again, and I had nice walks in the same nature area I had been walking in the first day I’d had my morning walk last week. Finally, on Friday, I had a doctor’s appointment at 8.30, so I had my morning walk on my way to the appointment, and I had to start the walk extra early, namely some minutes after eight. This morning I had been very excited by seeing that it was snowing around seven o clock in the morning, and I enjoyed walking outside in snow that morning. Even though there wasn’t very much snow, I still enjoyed it. I like to have snow outside in the winter time, and it reminds me of Norway, my home country, so that’s nice, and it makes me feel happy.

In the weekend I didn’t go for any morning walk, and in the start of this week, I had a set back and got up too late for my nine o clock morning walk, but today I had a fresh start and had my morning walk. I wasn’t ready exactly at nine o clock today, but I was ready some minutes afterwards and still had a walk, and it was very nice to be back on track again with having my morning walk.

So what are the blessings of a morning walk? Here are some I’ve found:

  • It gives you a good start to your day.
  • It gives you a little exersice.
  • It gives you fresh air.
  • It gives you sunshine if the sun is shining.
  • It lets you see variations in the weather and in nature.
  • It can make you feel good about yourself and ready for your day.

Just go for it! :)


Ruth Kristin

Smile at Your husband! :)

Good morning, everyone!

Not long ago I came back home after another morning walk, a walk I’ve had every morning since Monday this week. I want to tell you more about my morning walks another time. Anyway, it was nice to come home and meet my husband that was in a good mood, and a little after I’d met him and thought of his happy mood and greeting of me when I came back, and then I smiled and said some things to my husband, and he smiled back at me, and he expressed to me how much he liked me smiling at him, and basically we both smiled a lot at each other, and by being happy and smiling I believe we both cheered each other.

So today I want to encourage you: Smile at your husband! He probably finds it very attractive and uplifting. :)


Ruth Kristin

How to Sucess-proof your Day with Positive Pressure

Hi again, readers! Good morning! :)

Here I am, blogging again, and today I’ve got something very helpful and positive for you.

The other day I told you about the power of positive pressure. To recap a little bit I explained about how you by putting a positive pressure upon yourself can experience that there’s a lot of power in such a pressure and that you for instance can get a lot of things done by using it. Today I’ll tell you about how you can success-proof your day by using this power of positive pressure. Let’s dive right into it:

  1. Decide on one or more positive outcomes you want to achieve during a day or as a result of how you’ve lived your life one day. The outcomes you want to achieve during a day could be the completion of several neccessary things. One example is to decide you want to have done your 3 most important things to do that day before eating dinner. You could also decide that you will give yourself a reward for your accomplishments at the end of the day, or you could arrange with someone else, like your spouse or a close friend, that they will reward you in some kind of way, like with a gift or a special time together with them. An example of achieving a positive outcome as a result of how you’ve lived your life one day, is if you manage to follow a set structure for the day and be in bed by a decent time in the evening, because you know it will make you feel good when you’re in bed and that you’ll feel content and rested the next day.
  2. Decide on a positive plan for the day, a plan that can inspire and put pressure upon you to get the things you need done without making you feel that your plan is too strict or demanding for you. For some people this plan could tell them to do one main task that day and then make dinner and relax in the evening. For others the plan could be much more demanding, because they know they are capable of achieving more without feeling stressed, so they can for instance try to achieve 5 targets for the day, and for housewives and others staying at home during the day, these 5 targets could be a) put on two laundries during the day and hang them up later on, b) tidy and clean the living room, c) write an important email, d) cook dinner for your spouse and/or family, and e) wash up, tidy and clean in the kitchen so that the kitchen looks good for the next morning. No matter what, the plan you make should be giving you a little pressure and be inspiring, but it shouldn’t be making you feel that you can’t manage to follow the plan. Make a plan that seems positive to you.
  3. Be strict and stick to the plan. Try to always be strict with yourself and stick to the plan you have made for your day. Let it be your goal to follow your plan, and don’t let other people’s wishes or demands on you drag you into unneccessary delays.
  4. Let the positive plan challenge and inspire you to work hard and if at times neccessary quickly too. By focusing on your outcomes you will find it easier to do your work, your chores or whatever it is you have decided to accomplish. Even if some of the tasks may be uninteresting or not very exciting for you, you can make them fun or at least more endurable by focusing on the fact that they are leading you towards your goal.
  5. When you are noticing the power of the positive pressure upon you, enjoy it and let it put you into a good flow.
  6. When you have achieved your positive outcomes, enjoy your success and be thankful.
  7. Rejoice in your victory, and don’t be afraid of celebrating your success and passing on your newly learned knowledge to others! :)

That’s it. I hope you liked my little recipe for success-proofing your day with the power of positive pressure.

And by the way, sometimes we don’t always manage to stick hundred percent to our plans or get hindrances that makes it necessary or a good idea to make some changes to the plan, and then it’s a good idea to be flexible with your plan, and to not beat yourself up if you don’t get everything done exactly as planned. Sometimes we can still be successful even if we make some little changes to our plans as we go along. Focus most on the main parts of your positive plan or the most important target for your day, and even you have a little delay or setback now and then, don’t worry, and don’t give up, but just keep on going. If you are more successful the day you’re trying out your new plan than the day before, then you’ve made progress, and you’re moving forward, and that’s the main thing. As Flylady says “Progress, not perfection”. We don’t need perfection, but we need progress, and now I’ve showed you one way for you to achieve that.

Take care everyone, and have a very nice and positive day! :)


Ruth Kristin


The Power of Positive Pressure

When you have a lot to do and a lot to think about, life can feel difficult, stressful and overwhelming, at least if the amount of things you have to deal with is so many that you feel you can’t cope or can’t get it all done within the time frame you think or believe is ideal. This has been my experience again and again, and I’ve noticed time and again how thinking a lot about how much I’ve got to do or thinking about a lot of those things within a few seconds, can make me feel really overwhelmed, and feeling overwhelmed doesn’t make me feel very motivated, and I guess that’s true for you too. We all like to feel that we have motivation for what we need to do, and we all want to feel that we are able to do what’s ahead of us and tackle the challenges that we are facing in our lives.

At this point, when you need to do something, and you need motivation to do it, then a positive pressure upon you that inspires you, can really spur you on and help you to accomplish things. It can even help you to get things done in a quicker way than you usually do things. This is what I want to call: the power of positive pressure. Let me tell you what I mean when I say this.

As the opposite of feeling you have to do something you don’t really want to do or don’t feel is any fun to do, you can have a positive pressure upon you where you feel like you want to achieve something, either because doing it feels fun or interesting, or because you know that by doing it you will achieve a positive outcome that motivates you, or it could be that it’s a bit of both going on – you both like doing what you are going to do and you also know that it will give a positive result, a result that you will like.

Let me give you some examples. If you feel like you’re tired in the morning and that you don’t really want to get up, or you feel like you don’t want to or find it easy to be quick to get ready for the day, and maybe it’s partly because you don’t have any clear plan for your day and don’t feel motivated for getting started on your day, then getting out of bed can feel difficult, and when you’re out of bed having a good start to the day or being quick in getting ready, can be hard. If you for instance don’t have a positive plan for the day where you know what you are going to do and what time you need to be ready for in the morning, then you can easily feel very little or no motivation for getting ready quickly, and you  might have a slow start to your day. On the other hand, if you had a good and positive plan for the day before going to bed the previous day, and if you knew that you were going to do something you would enjoy doing or something that would give you a positive outcome, or maybe many positive outcomes, then you would have a postive pressure upon you for getting ready in the morning and you would feel motivated for gettiing up, for having a good start and for getting ready in time for your first appointment with yourself or others that day.

Another example is, that if you knew that if you would earn some money by doing some household chores for a family member that has asked you for doing some chores for him or her, then you would probably feel motivated for doing the chores you’ve been asked to do.

Basically, I’m trying to tell you that there is a lot of power in a positive pressure. A positive pressure can inspire you, motivate you, excite you and get you into a good and active flow, and it can make you do things much faster than you normally do, and it can lead to great achievement.

I’ll quickly tell you a little bit about how the power of positive pressure has helped me this morning: I had a positive plan that partly consisted of having to get ready for nine o clock today, because then I was going to go on a morning walk, and that positive plan inspired me to quickly get ready and do a lot of positive things in the morning, and in the end I managed to go out for my morning walk at nine. There’s great power in a positive pressure.


Ruth Kristin

A Couple for Four Years :)

Today it’s four years since my dear prince Jonathan and I became a couple. We had by then gradually gotten to know each other for a while, and we had become closer and closer to each other in our friendship. Furthermore we had since first of January in 2013 started acting as a couple. Then on the 4th of January that same year we started defining ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, and now we’ve been a couple for four years.

Here’s a little tribute in photos to Jonathan and my relationship to him, my sweet, handsome, lovely, kind, caring, creative, talented, hardworking, loving, forgiving, and one of a kind prince, darling and husband.

Happy Anniversary, Jonathan, my love! :)


Ruth Kristin

Happy New Year! :D – 2017



Happy New Year, everyone! 😀 Yuhoo! We’ve got a new year now. It’s a fresh start. It’s a new beginning.

I wish you all a very happy and a blessed new year! :)

I will let you hear more from me as we gradually get more and more into the new year.

This is just a little greeting for now. I hope you’ve all had a very nice Christmas holiday and a happy New Year’s weekend.

Happy New Year! :)


Ruth Kristin