Blogging, student life, and life itself…

Hi again, my readers! :)

I’ve often been very busy lately and have thought about my blog and about blogging here many times, but again and again I’ve been delayed or for different reasons been prevented from blogging here on my new blog. I wanted to do some blogging soon, but I wasn’t really ready for it, but then I suddenly saw an email telling me about lots of comments on my blog. I was happy to see that I’d been given lots of new comments and that most of them were very positive. Thanks to all of you who gave me positive feedback! :) It’s good to know that my blog already has been inspiring and meant something positive to someone. :)

I hope that those readers that have liked my blog will keep on reading it and liking it. My goal is to 1) inform about topics that I’m interested in, like Asperger’s syndrome, the good news about Jesus and goal setting, 2) to inspire people in their lives – for example to set good goals and to work towards them, and 3) to encourage people. If I manage to do that, that is very good. :)

Lately I’ve often been very busy, much because I’m a full time student that has had many assignments to deal with, and this has often made it difficult to get around to blogging. Sometimes I feel it’s hard to find time or to set aside time to blog in the middle of a busy life, especially when there’s big assignments “hanging over” me. Blogging is even so something I’m interested in and that I really would like to do more of, so hopefully I’ll manage to put aside more time for it – maybe put aside some time regularly, actually (an idea I’ve had lately) – and hopefully my blog will gradually grow and become interesting to more and more people. Hopefully I’ll manage to get used to writing more often as well. I think that in the same way as writing emails and doing other things that are part of my daily life, blogging could become part of my daily life as well. I really enjoy writing and expressing myself, and I really enjoy meaning something positive and being a blessing to others, so in that way blogging is something that fits me very well. I will therefore try to use more time on my blog in the days and weeks ahead, and right now I’m actually on a holiday, so this could make it more easy to get more blogging done. If I don’t always manage to blog so often, though, don’t think that I’ve forgotten about my blog or don’t want to blog. Just see it as a sign of me being busy or finding it hard to get around to blogging – for example because my life is very very busy. Its’ not always easy to fit in all the things you want to get done in your life, I’ve found, but I think that if one is conscious about how one’s life is and how one wants one’s life to be and how one wants to prioritize, it’s possible to get a lot of the things you want to get done, done.

So what have I been up to lately? I’ve for example worked on a big assignment that needed to be done by Friday. I’ve written a blog post about it as well, but because the text was hand written in a note book that I don’t have with me to the place I’m at now, I’m not able to post that blog post now, but I’ll type it into the computer later on, either this evening or tomorrow. Then many people can read about some of my last experiences and hopefully be inspired and encouraged.

This week I’ve got a holiday week, and Easter is coming up. I also have two more weeks of holiday after this week. I’ll not stay at home all the time and will be doing some travelling in between, and I might not be available on my blog now and then, but I’ll have to try to do some catch up reading (for my studies) and stay at home now and then as well, so hopefully you’ll hear from me in between.

Right now there are some things that I need to get done – they are in a way waiting for me, so I will end my blogging for now.

I hope you all realize that I would like to blog more often in the weeks ahead, and at least a couple of times a week, but because my life is often busy and I’m not always sure how much time I’ll manage to set aside for my blog, I can’t promise anything in particular now, but I’ll try to at least blog something every week.

Please feel free to leave me comments and questions if you have any!

Have a nice day, and have a nice week, everyone! :)

PS. The assignment I mentioned in my last post and that was submitted 31 seconds too late was accepted as it’s only a formative assignment that will be commented on and not graded. :)


31 seconds late…

Hi again…

It turned out that my blog assignment that consisted of my writings about my plans for my blog and the last blog post I submitted here – the one called “The reality of life” –  was submitted 31 seconds late. I hurried and tried to manage to submit it just within the deadline, but in the end it turned out I didn’t manage to do that. And one of the reasons for that thing happening in the end – a thing I don’t like, but that I’m not feeling very upset about, because it seems like the assignment will be read in any case – was probably that I wrote a bit too many words in the end of my last post. Had I just stopped writing a little bit sooner I would have managed to submit my blog text on time. But first of all: I shouldn’t have started to do the last part of my assignment work as late in the evening as I did and should’ve tried to be more effective in my work as well. But that’s how life is sometimes, and it’s often connected to my diagnosis of Asperger’s when those things happen in my life – that I’m delayed or don’t manage to do something within a time limit.

The thing is that I’m struggling a lot with planning, organization and time management because I’ve got Asperger’s syndrome. But it’s not always a problematic area, and I’m sometimes doing ok, and I also believe I in general have improved on those areas over time, but I still feel that I often struggle with things connected to time, like planning and organization. It’s a complicated issue, actually, and sometimes I notice that I’m often not so good at evaluating time or how much time has gone by and those things. Then again, sometimes I can be quite good at guessing how much time has gone by, so it’s not just one thing going on. Sometimes I’m doing good when it comes to guessing what the time is or how much time has gone by, and sometimes not. The last thing is more common, though. I very often feel like the time has gone so fast and am surprised of how much time has gone by when I’ve been with my boyfriend, for instance. I often lose track of time when I’m with him, and I’m often not so good at checking the time often enough when we’re together, so then after a while the time is often much more than I thought it would be. And I also often need more time to do something than I think, like assignments. In general I’ve realized that I often am very slow and need a lot of time on getting certain things done, like writing an assignment. It’s often connected to my thoroughness. I’m often very detailed and thorough.

Anyway, I’ve sent an email to one of my teachers and asked if my assignment please can be read and given feedback on despite the fact that I delivered the assignment a little bit too late in the end, and hopefully the teacher that was supposed to give feedback for my assignment will do it despite the fact that it was delivered a little bit too late.

Talking about late… It’s getting very late here now, and I’d better go to bed quite soon, so I’ll have to end writing here for now and then write more here another day. It’s 24 minutes past midnight, you see.

Good night! :)

The reality of life

The reality of life is not always how we want things to be. It’s not always how we feel things should be or how we dream about things to be. That doesn’t mean that we should give up or stop dreaming, but to acknowledge the fact that that’s just how life is sometimes – and often in many ways at the same time – is a good thing and a way of looking reality into it’s eyes and not denying how things are or living in some kind of dream world that doesn’t exist. It’s only when we know how reality is that we can try to change it.

Well, that’s what I will need to do and often try to do on certain areas of my life, because I tend to struggle with similar things again and again and can find myself being “won over” by some of my week sides or lack of self discipline, and I would like to keep on working on some of my problem areas, to put it like that, and I would like to improve on them, and I’ll keep on working on them even when I’ve done the same mistakes as before or feel like I’m not succeeding on an area like I want to. The key is to never give up if you want to improve on something, grow or move ahead.

And if you fail, make a mistake or do something you can’t undo, it’s better to try to accept it, learn from it and try to do the best with the situation you’re in and to focus on what you can do better in the future.

Like now… I’m actually very delayed in one of my assignments right now… I’m writing on one right now. This text that I’m writing this minute is going to be submitted into a learning platform called “Moodle”, evaluated and commented on by a teacher, and then I’ll see what I can learn from the feedback I’ve been given, but the thing is that I’m very delayed in getting this blog post written, and I didn’t want it to become like this, but this is what easily happens to me, because I’m often struggling with planning, organization and time management. The reality of my life right now, therefore, and like it has been several times before in similar cases, is that I am finishing my assignment in “the last minute”. Actually I’ve just got a few minutes left now, and I really have to be quick when I’m typing in these words and sentences now, because I need to reach a 500 word count and submit my assignment for my university before 11.55, and that means that I’ve just got about 6 minutes left now, and it takes a little while to submit the document I’m going to submit too…

The fact is that my life has been quite busy lately, and I’ve not always been well, and I’ve thought about finishing this assignment this evening, but I had planned on starting earlier than I did. My word count has just passed 500 by the way, so I can soon finish my text. In any case my point that I was going to make now was that because I was delayed this evening, and because it took quite some time to write about my plans for my blog, which I also had to do, I was basically so delayed in the end that I had to rush and hurry to finish off this assignment text.

But now I’m soon finished, and I know I’ve been honest and open like I want to be on my blog. It didn’t all go like I wanted to, because I wanted to have more time on my writing of this text, and in general the last week I’ve not been blogging about all the things that I’ve wanted to blog about and have been delayed in my life many times. But that’s how life is sometimes. That’s the reality of life. And here you’ve seen some of my reality. Now I have to catch my deadline.

Thanks for now. :)

Busy, but good days

Hi, my readers! :)

I’ve had some quite busy, but good days lately. Here’s my situation: I had lots of ideas of topics to blog about and wanted to blog Friday evening, that is March the first. However, I was very tired and had other more important things to do on Friday, like delivering an assignment, and I needed to get up quite early the next day, so in the end I didn’t do any blogging, because I prioritized to try to go to bed a bit early. I didn’t manage to go so early to bed in the end, but it wasn’t too bad to be me. It could’ve been much worse. In the end I was in bed by midnight. I didn’t fall asleep that soon, but at least I was in bed before it was terribly late and felt quite good the next morning.

On Saturday I went to Leicester to visit some family members with my boyfriend, and we had a lovely day in the Midlands. The sun was shining, and the people we were with was warm and happy people. :)

Yesterday I had a very good day with lots of fellowship with other Christians. First I went to a service in the local church I belong to. There we had a wonderful time and experienced the presence of God and celebrated Jesus and the freedom he has given us. It was a really good time and made me excited. We were dancing and expressing  joy as we praised and thanked Jesus. Afterwards my boyfriend and I served coffee and tea for people from the church, and later on I had lunch with some people from church, and that was really nice too. The whole day was filled with fellowship with nice people around me, and I liked that.

Today, Monday the fourth, I first had some time to be at home and get some of my own private things done, and then I went to the university and attended a seminar. After the seminar the tutor of the module it concerned were available to chat with us, so I asked him some questions about our first essay assignment in his module and got some good and informative answers, so that was very good. A little later I met a new support worker I just have been given. This worker is supposed to be some kind of “buddy” that can talk with me about different issues. Today was the second time I met her, and it went very well. She helped me to get some things done that I needed to get done, like sorting my module papers. We sorted them together, and I put them into the three different folders I had bought for them. It felt very good to get my papers in order. :)

This evening I tried something new at York St John University. I had been invited to a social event for people with Asperger’s syndrome or other kinds of autism. The newly made ASD Team wanted to know how the students with different kinds of autism at York St John University thought about studying there. Since I’m a person with Asperger’s syndrome and want to be one of the voices for people like me and want to contribute to improve things for people like me, I showed up. It was very nice to meet the ASD Team and to meet other students with Asperger’s. It was very nice to chat, eat pizza and get to know the others a little bit and to also be able to tell about how student life at York St John has been. It felt good to be with people “of my own type”, and that in itself made me happy. :) I’m hoping to be able to meet up with this group of people several times in the months ahead.

After the “aspie event” that I call it – that is an event for people that has Asperger’s syndrome, which it mainly was – I got picked up by my boyfriend and have visited him since. I’m now sitting at his place writing this blog text.

I still have things I would like to tell about that I thought about writing about on Friday, but for now I think it’s best I just give you this little summary of my last days and leave some of the topics for another time, as I really have to go home and go to bed soon. Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe I can use my ideas of topics tomorrow or one of the other first days coming. I can’t promise anything, but I can say that in any case I’ll try to come back here quite soon, and I will definately be back here in any case.

I’ve started my blog here on the net to write, and I want to write here, it’s just that it’s not always easy to find time for the blogging or to blog very often, as I’m often a busy person with lots of other things I need or want to get done as well, and life can easily give us surprises, and I can easily be delayed by different things, so I’m not sure how often I’ll manage to write here in general, and it could be that sometimes there will be quite a big gap between every time I blog, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to blog. That can just mean that my life is busy and that I’m struggling with finding time for or remembering to blog.

In any case, now I’ve told you some more about my life, and hopefully you’ll hear more from me quite soon, if not so much, at least a little bit. I have two assignments for this week, so it could be I can’t write so much, but one of my assignments is about blogging, so I’ll probably write something more here during the next few days in any case.

My blog has just been born, and it will grow gradually, and maybe it will not always look so interesting for everyone in the start, but if you give me and my little “baby” some time, it will eventually grow more and more, and hopefully it will be of blessing to people in several different ways. That’s my hope. :)

I have to end now, so I’m saying good bye for now. I hope you’re fine, all of you, and even though lots of the stuff I’ve just written is rather trivial, I hope you have liked reading about it, because it has meant something to me, and maybe it can be of encouragement to you to read about some of my new experiences. That would’ve been good. :)

Good bye for now, my readers, and have a good night! :)

Here and Now

I’m sitting in a room with lots of computers and some fellow students, hearing the computers summing and the keyboards being clicked on in full speed, very often, almost nonstop. I’m in the middle of a workshop in my module “Writing to Order” which I’m doing at York St John University, during my full time Study Abroad Programme, which is a part of my bachelor degree in Norway, a degree aiming at making me a two-way translator in non-fiction literature in English and Norwegian. I’m in a new period of my life. I’ve changed my career. I actually used to be a teacher, but now I’m a student – studying to get a new career and be able to live off some of my strengths – like my language abilities, thoroughness and writing skills.

Right now I and my fellow students are in a workshop about writing our own blogs, and we have been challenged to plan our own blog and also to write a post for it. I used to have my own blog several years ago, actually, but for various reasons I didn’t write so often in the end, and after a while I stopped writing on my blog. I think I can say it often was connected to my busy life, and I think difficult personal experiences can be said to have played a part in the whole blogging decrease too. As time went I became more interested in blogging again, and last summer I was wondering whether I should re-open my old blog or open a new one, but in the end I decided to wait and not start a blog, thinking it could be too much for me to do blogging on the side of being a full time student. Now, however, we HAVE TO plan and start writing on our blog, and this workshop that I’m in at this very moment, makes me feel I WANT to blog again and that I want to do it on a regular basis, the blog then being a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings, opinions and attitudes, and to share about my life experiences, about my life in progress, about my development, struggles and success, setbacks and victories. I know I also would like to inform and raise awareness about different topics, like Asperger’s syndrome and autism, goal setting and planning. I would like to write about some of my own struggles in life and also about how I’ve managed to deal with things, learn from things or have success in different ways. My only challenge now – after having reflected on different issues connected to my new blog during this workshop that’s now just ended – is that I’ve got so many ideas for my blogs, so many topics I would like to cover, and I still am not feeling sure about how to do everything.

My fellow students have gone out now, and it’s just me left in the room. It feels so good and much better for me to be able to write in peace and quietness. I prefer this over hearing lots of sounds around me. I prefer writing when I’m alone too. Anyway, I will wrap this text up and then leave in case another class comes to use this computer lab soon.

Basically what happened in this workshop is that we first evaluated blogs that we liked and considered why we liked them, and then we had to plan our own blogs and start writing a text for that blog. We were not to write the introductory blog post, but that’s what I did in the end, thinking it would be better for me to just start writing something about the “here and now” and getting started on my blog and then later on write the post that I will submit for feedback from one of my tutors at the university where I’m at. I thought that starting to write about my situation and about how it is not so easy for me to decide what to write about always and that I still haven’t decided completely everything connected to my blog would be a good way of getting started on my blog, and I know that at the same time I’ve now been open, honest and personal.

The tutor that just helped us through the workshop talked with me about my blog sometimes, and I told her I had many ideas and wasn’t sure how to do everything or whether I should choose just one topic to focus on or write a blog about a mixture of topics. She said that now they give us a deadline to get things written and that that’s the point of this module where they actually give us a writing assignment on a weekly basis. It’s sometimes tough, but I like it and belive it actually prepares me for my future life of working as a writer and a translater, as well as a proof reader and editor. And she said it’s better to write something and that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I agree. My blog doesn’t have to be perfect. In the same way as my life isn’t perfect and that I am not perfect – in that sense that I’m not without mistakes.

I’m a person who does many mistakes and often don’t like them, but over the last years I have at least become better at admitting my own mistakes, admitting to myself and others that I’m not perfect, and I’m admitting and telling the whole world here and now: You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to have a perfect life. You can also just write spontaneously and don’t have to write everything in a perfect way the first time you write something.

So I’m not going to try to make this opening post a perfect one. I’m just going to make it a post. And that’s what I’ve just done. I’m here in my life. I’m sharing a little bit of it with you. I’m being myself. I’m sharing some of my thoughts. My life isn’t perfect and maybe this text isn’t either. But it’s written of me, in my real life and telling you a real life story. It’s open and honest. It’s true. It’s written in the “here and now”. And it’s written of me. And that’s good enough.

Now I’ve started. And I hope you want to keep following me.

I’ll be back. :)

Comment from me, the author:

This text above was written in the morning of February the 28th in 2013. After buying my own domaine for my new blog in the evening, I ended up reading through my text and editing it a little, but in the end I decided on getting back to the original text and to only make a very few alterations, mainly change a couple of mistakes or things that I thought needed changing. Instead of trying to improve a lot on the text I tried to keep it as much as possible as it was written – in the moment. Therefore this blog post has in the end just been edited a little bit – and almost every word and sentence is now how it was written originally. I wanted to do it like this in the end, so that you can see a work that to a great degree is real and so that it doesn’t give the impression of being altered or adjusted or refined a lot. Because like I said: My blog doesn’t have to be perfect. I only have made a few very small changes, and almost everything is as it was written originally. This makes the text more real. This is my choice for this first post. It doesn’t mean that I will never do a lot of editing or changing of texts in the future before I post them, but for now I wanted to do little editing and leave my text very much as it was written. This comment is futhermore not going to be altered at all. It is very late now, to tell you the truth, because I’ve stayed up a lot – much because of my new blog, so I will only get this new blog post published, and then I’ll go to bed very soon after that. Hopefully I’ll manage to publish my other blogs in a more decent hour.

Thank you for your attention, and good night, everyone! :)

Your new blog companion – Ruth Kristin