Blogging business

Hi, everyone!

I’m sorry that I haven’t written here for quite some time and that I still haven’t published that hand written text that I had written by hand and that I wanted to post here and that I had written that I would come back and publish here. I apologize and ask you to please forgive me for not having posted that text yet and for not having done it within the time I originally told about. I still haven’t typed the text into a computer, so it is still not ready to be posted, unfortunately, but maybe I’ll manage to get it done soon.

I’m also sorry that I haven’t written so much here in general after I started this new blog. And to be honest I haven’t always felt it has been going so well with this blogging business, and I’ve sometimes felt that it has been difficult to make this blogging business work in a good way and to know how to make it work and how to organize my time to manage to do some blogging, and I’ve kept on being busy and having more and more ideas about blogging and more and more episodes to write about heaping up….. That’s what easily happens with me in general as well: I often have  a lot of ideas and things I want to write about or do something about, for instance things to make, but I often don’t manage to do it all, and I often never come around to doing it all, and some of my ideas are just “lying around” for years, and some never get used. I think I’m not the only one to experience this.

Anyway, I talked about blogging with my dad yesterday. He’s been blogging for some years and had some tips for me, for instance to be blogging a little every day, and to just write a smaller portion when you write. Writing more often and writing regularly can be of help when one wants to get some writing done, I believe. Little by little is often the way to get something done in general too. It’s easier to get started on something when you know that what needs to be done is a little job, like writing a little text for ten-fifteen minutes. I’ve actually read that if you want to get something done you could tell yourself to just set aside five minutes doing it to get started on it, and then when you’ve done it for five minutes maybe you feel like keeping on at it for some more minutes. In any case it’s gotten you started just to set aside a few mintes.

After talking with my dad and thinking a bit about it I’ve decided that I want to try to write a little in my blog every day. I will not promise that I always will do it, but I will try it out and hopefully manage to write a little every day and feel that my blogging business gradually goes better, that my blog “grows” bigger and that my audience also increases.

I’ve now started on my new time of blogging on this blog, a time where I’ll be blogging more often – no matter how busy I am. I will try to set aside some time to write every day in the coming days, and hopefully I’ll gradually get used to doing it like that. If I manage to do it for 21 days I’ve created a habit and can hopefully more easily keep on writing here, and hopefully what I write in the days and weeks ahead will be of interest and inspiration and a blessing to others.

Thank you for reading! Have a nice evening! :)

Blogging delays and delays in general

Hello again,

I can only apologize and say I’m sorry about not coming back here sooner and not trying to write here the same day I wrote here the last time or the day after, like I wrote. I had thought and planned to write a blog text that I’d hand written into this blog at that time, but I didn’t get around to it for different reasons, and after that many things have happened, and I’ve been often very busy, and I’ve sometimes been away on journeys, and the last days I’ve been sick, and I’m still not totaly well, so basically I’ve just been delayed and not come around to blogging the last days for different reasons. One of the major reasons is that I’ve been very busy being away on journeys sometimes, and lately I’ve been delayed by being sick and also by other things. Finally, I now have come around to sit down and write a little here. I’m coughing while I’m writing, and I’m busy and have a lot to do today, so I can’t write so much, but I felt I just had to write something today. I’m sorry about not writing as soon as I wrote I would try to do, and I ask you, my readers, to please forgive me for not sticking to my plan. I also want you to know I’ve been thinking about my blog many times and have not forgotten it, and I’ve wanted to blog, but because I’ve been so busy and then sick lately, it’s often been hard for me to find any time or have enough energy to get any blogging done. In any case, I’m back here now, and I’ll try to come away from my “blogging delays” soon…

The thing is I’m feeling I’m delayed in my whole blogging process in a way…I’m at least delayed connected to my thoughts about what I have wanted to blog about lately… There’s been so many things I’ve thought it would be nice to mention in my blog lately, after I started this new blog, but then I’ve kept on being busy and often finding it hard to get much blogging done and most of the time have done little or no blogging…

In the same way as I’ve been delayed in my blogging lately and haven’t come around to writing as much on my blog as I have wanted to or have found it hard to get it done in a busy life, in the same way I often am delayed in my life in general and often don’t come around to doing all the things that I would like to do and that my ideas tells me to do. I’m often full of ideas, but I often find it hard to put them all into life.

I think there are many people with similar problems or challenges – the challenge of getting the things you are thinking about done and not only THINK about it – not only people with Asperger’s. Action is stronger and often has a greater effect than to just think about something. Thinking about something can easily delay you. Doing something about your thougts and ideas, however, can make a big difference and get you into a flow of action. And because I really need to put on a laundry and get some errands done, before an important appointment with a “buddy” in the evening, I’m going to “get going” and go and put on my laundry very soon, so I’ll now end this blog text and get the things I need to do done.

To think is natural and important. To do is sometimes even more important. Reaching our goals demands dreams and thoughts, but also action.