Assignment times…


I’m sorry I haven’t written for some days. On Tuesday I forgot all about writing here in the end, probably because I was spending a lot of time on thinking about a surprise I was making for my boyfriend. Then on Wednesday I was given some sad news and in the end never came around to blogging. On Thursday, yesterday, I studied quite a bit and in the evening was delayed by different things, and in the end it was too late for blogging, and this evening I’ve studied quite a lot, and now I’m tired and need to get ready for bed, so I can’t write much more here…

I also need to tell you that I’m in a busy assignment time where I’ve got many important assignments to deal with, so I will probably not be able to write here so much in the coming days, and maybe I will not be able to write here everyday, and maybe not at alle, until my semester at the university I’m at is over.


Good night. :)

Busy with assignment work…


Today I’ve been working a lot with an assignment that I need to deliver tomorrow. I’m still not totally finished, so I can’t blog so much this evening, but I just wanted to write a little here before going back to my assignment work.

This morning, before I had gotten started on my work for today, my boyfriend came to visit me, and then he had a very nice surprise for me – he gave me a very nice pillow with patches in the shape of butterflies on. I really like butterflies, so it was very sweet of him. He’s a very nice, kind and generous boyfriend. We really enjoyed each other’s company again, and my boyfriend also gave me support and advice for my assignment.

Thank you God for my wonderful boyfriend and for the strength and help you’re giving me in my assignment work! :)

A very nice weekend


Yesterday – Saturday – I forgot to write here before I visited my boyfriend in the evening, and when I got back home it was too late for blogging, so I’ll tell you a bit about yesterday this evening instead, but first of all I can tell you I’ve had a very nice weekend.

Yesterday morning I had an appointment at Boots where I was going to get a contact lenses control. I did that, and it went well. After that I wanted to do some shopping and ended up getting some free make up put on me. I liked being pampered and felt it was relaxing and helpful, as I had felt very tired and quite stressed for a while that morning.

Here you can see me after a lady in the shop had put some make up on me. I think she must have been pleased with having me as a customer, because I bought a lot of make up after she had given me a mini-make over. :)




After my time of “renewing” my face a little and shopping different things, I went around in the city a little, and quite soon I came across a shop with lots of sale on clothes. I tried on lots of different tops, like t-shirts and blouses, because there were so many clothes on a very good sale there, and in the end I bought many of the clothes that I had tried on. :) Here you can see me in the fitting room:





After my long stay inside the shop where I bought a lot of clothes, I went to Mac Donalds where I used one of the vouchers I had been given from another shop some time ago, so that I got a cheap chicken sandwich meal. :)





After coming home I did different things at home, like some house work, and then I worked on an assignment for a while. Finally I travelled to my boyfriend’s place for an evening visit where my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4 months anniversary. :) My boyfriend gave me some nice chocolate, and I gave him some gifts too, and we enjoyed each other’s company and had a very nice time together. :)





This day that has been – that now has passed as I’ve been working on this blog post (since the time is well passed midnight) – has been a very nice Sunday. I want to tell about this Sunday by quoting what I wrote on my facebook status this evening:


We had a blessed time together in our service this morning in Living Word Church, and then Jesus touched me again with his love. Today a group from Wakefield were visiting us. After the meeting most of us went to a big and nice park for a picnic for all of us, and it was so nice to be fellowshipping with people and to enjoy the lovely sunny weather. :) God is good! :) And after the picnic I was given some brilliant news – it happened twice! Jesus has blessed me a lot today. He is so good and faithful. :) Thank you Jesus! 😀



“You made my day.”



Today I want to share about a little episode that happened to me, and I’ll use my facebook status to do that:


It’s good being in the right place at the right time. Today I suddenly saw a young woman who was upset and in tears. I went over to her, talked with her and gave her a hug. Soon after we walked together for a while as we kept on chatting. I gave her some good words and a new hug before we parted, and right before she left me she said I made her day. She is highly loved by God and I’m glad I could show her love and mean something to her. :) ♥ Thank you Jesus! 😀

A prayer in the form of a poem

Hi everyone!

This morning I went to my morning workshop in “Writing to Order”, one of the modules I’m studying at York St John University. Today we learned about performative poetry, and in the end of the workshop we all had to make our own performative poems, work on them and edit them in small groups and then read them out loud to each other. This is what I wanted to tell you about as an example from my day today, and here is the end product, my prayer and blessing in the form of a poem:



Poetic blessing

May your days be blessed

May your work succeed

May your talents be used well

May your body be strengthened

May your creativity grow

May your love overflow

May your mountains be conquered

May your wounds be healed

May you have good journeys

May your path be enlightened

May your heart be strong

May you always know

that you are loved


A nice spring day with many good ingredients


I’m now going to tell you a little bit about my day, and I’m going to give you some examples of good things happening today. I’ve had a nice spring day with many good ingredients, and here you can see what some of them are:

– I had some nice facebook messages from a friend waiting for me when I came to my facebook page this morning. It was good to read them, getting support, good words and nice ideas from a good friend.

– I had a nice little chat with my mother on the phone a little later on.

– I’ve been receiving many good words, lots of compliments and encouragements, as well as prayers, from my very kind boyfriend.

– I got a cheap basic massage for my back and neck at the university today, given me by a clever student that studies sport massage.

– I sometimes was outside a little bit and enjoyed the warmness of the sun shining in my face and the smell of freshly cut grass.

– I gradually got some work done on an assignment that I’m working on.

– I found some interesting tips online connected to a topic I’m interested in this evening.


Thank you Jesus for your goodness and faithfulnes!


Good evening and good night to all of you! :)