Back in Norway


I’m sorry I haven’t written in quite a long time. I wanted to write now and then when I had my last weeks in England, but I was very busy and kept on postponing it and also kept on finding it difficult to come around to it as I was very busy with different things. In the end I thought that I would just have to tell about my last weeks in England after arriving in Norway and having the chance to sit down and look back for a while.

Well, now I’m back in Norway, but so far I’ve been very busy and had lots to do here too. However, I’ll try to come back here soon and to then put aside some time to just write a lot and to also post many photos, so please wait for that if you are one of my readers.

Here’s what I wrote in my facebook update from this evening, which I want to end with:

It’s good to be back in Norway. Now I’ve just visited some good neighbour friends, and it was so nice to see them again.  It’s a good feeling when one haven’t seen friends for half a year and then meet them and catch up with them again and also feel that the friendship connection and the heart contact is still the same. Thank you Jesus for good friends!


Good night, everyone! :)

A spontaneous little greeting…

Hello everyone! :)

Again I must say: I’m sorry for not having written here for a while… I’ve been very busy and have not been good at setting aside time for all the things I’m interested in, and it hasn’t always been easy getting everything I have wanted done either. Anyway, I apologize for not writing here lately. It’s been on my mind. I’ve thought about my blog and about things I could write about and photos I could post here, but I’ve just not come around to doing anything about my ideas or thoughts on this area – mainly because I’ve been very busy…

What have I been very busy with then? For instance assignment work that I last time warned you would make me busy and that would maybe make it hard for me to blog, and moving. I’ve moved… More on that later…

Now I have an afternoon with some available time, and some minutes ago I read some interesting sentences that got me started on doing some things… One of the sentences I read was this one: “Make something happen right now”. I was even suggested to start making something happen right after finishing reading a certain sentence. And so I did. I had thought about calling my boyfriend, so I did that, and I then had a nice little chat with him for some minutes. He’s at work now, but he sometimes has the opportunity to have a little chat with me as he’s working, so that’s good for me. At one point he said something in his own natural and nice way – he was just being himself basically – but right after having heard him I just felt it was so nice to hear him talking in his nice way and that I loved him, and I just felt like laughing, and soon I started laughing a lot – a very good, relaxing, natural and free laughter coming naturally, because I just love my boyfriend and sometimes just hearing his voice can make me feel happy and good. :)

Over to something else. I did not only call my boyfriend and in that way make something happen, but I also logged unto my blog – as an administrator – as I chatted with my boyfriend, and I started deleting the spam messages that different people have sent to my blog. There were very many waiting for me this time as I hadn’t had a look at my blog for a while. I actually have thought about finding out more about dealing with spam and would like to get that done soon as well, but just haven’t come around to it. I hope I soon find out how to prevent spam from coming in the first place or how to make sure spam don’t come to me as easily as now.

After a while my boyfriend had to end the phone call, and also after the call with him I reported comments to my blog as spam. I kept on doing it until I was finished. When finished I decided on just writing a spontaneous greeting here. What I write here doesn’t always have to be planned texts – and it hasn’t always been either. And my blog texts don’t have to be perfect. I can write them on the spot if I want, and sometimes I want to do that. My life isn’t always a perfect life, and I’m not perfect in the sense without mistakes. I often do mistakes, and I often feel I’m not living a perfect life. But in any case I would like to make progress in life and to have success in life. I know I can do that, not necessarily through having order in everything – like in my physical surroundings – every second of the day – but rather through seeking God’s will, getting to know God more, waiting upon Him, trusting in Him, being surrounded by His love and letting his Holy Spirit lead me – day by day. I want to live like that, and I’m not saying I’ve always managed that, but that’s my goal. I want to trust in God, my Father, who is always there for me and who always cares for me, no matter how I feel or what’s going on. God is good and is on my side.

Now I’ve made something happen. Now I’ve followed the advice I got. I did something actively. I made something happen. I didn’t just sit on my bed reading things online. I did something active myself. I called my boyfriend. I reported spam messages on my blog. I wrote this post. And I’m feeling good about it. I’ve accomplished something. I’m moving forward. Small little actions can be enough to move yourself forward. Small steps are important. Small steps are good. :)