Time for some important updates…

Hi everyone,


It’s not always been going so well with my blogging business in my own eyes, because I’ve often just thought about blogging without coming around to doing it, and often, especially the last part of 2013, I’ve just been so busy and postponed blogging. All the time I’ve thought about it now and then and even sometimes wondered about writing every day and often thought it would be nice to do so, but then different things have kept on coming in the way, or my focus has kept on wandering off to other things, or I’ve just gotten delayed or been busy and found it hard to put aside time for blogging, or I’ve forgotten about it. To put it simply: There are many reasons that I haven’t done any blogging many days and weeks and months where I’ve often thought about doing it, but in any case, I can’t undo what I’ve done or go back and do the things I didn’t do in the past, and I have to focus on here and now and the future.

I am now on a new journey in a way, and today is a new day, like every day is, and no matter how many times I’ve put off blogging, finding it difficult to get it done or forgotten about it, I can always start afresh now and try getting used to a new way of living. During the last days I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about time management, goal setting and other interesting topics. I’ve read about them in texts written by Brian Tracy, and I’ve seen videos where the successful man, Brian Tracy, is giving advice on time management and goal setting. To me these topics are very interesting, and they have been very interesting to me for many years. The last days I’ve started trying out some things on a more consistent level. I’m just in the start of trying out some new things and getting better at time management, and I won’t become an expert on these areas over night, but lately I’ve usually made a to do list for each day, and even though it’s not the first time I’m doing it, I’m trying to get used to doing it every day – which I haven’t been used to – and to also prioritize between each thing I need to get done. I try to gradually, step by step, get better at time management, and I like being in this process and to feel I’m slowly moving forward. I don’t expect to very quickly become a master at time management, but I know that one often learns things by doing and gets better at things by practicing, and that’s what I would like to do on the area.

Now I was going to give you some updates, and I’ve just got seven more minutes left of my time put aside for blogging today, so I’ll have to be quick…

Let me see… I just have to think a little bit about what the major things that has happened in my life the last months and that I haven’t explained about. Well, here they are:

1. After ending my study year at York St John University I moved from the student accomodation flat I had rented to live with some friends in the church I belong to in England, Living Word Church, to stay there for some weeks. They were so kind to let me live with them for around four weeks before I moved back to Norway, and it was very nice staying at their place.

2. After moving back to Norway in the end of June I was told that for my last year of studying for my bachelor degree I would not be given any grant from LĂ„nekassen, a stately institution who gives out grants, and because I couldn’t afford to just live on the benefit I’m getting from NAV, the Norwegian social service system, I suddenly needed to move, so I had a very busy and stressful summer where I very soon had to move to another flat in Kristiansand, to be able to live cheaper, but God helped me so that I very soon found a very nice flat to move to which was cheaper. Also in other ways God helped me so that I managed to come through the quick moving process in a good way, and he helped through the stressful time and made sure I got enough help from people around me with my moving process.

3. I came back to Great Britain for a holiday in the end of July and the beginning of August – this was in the middle of my moving process. One wonderful summer evening, namely on the 1st of August 2013, Jonathan, my boyfriend, proposed to me in a beautiful way, and I said yes and became Jonathan’s fiance. 😀 It was a very happy event for both of us. :)

Here is a photo from the day I got engaged to my wonderful, sweet prince Jonathan:



God has been very good to me and blessed me with a wonderful, kind, loving and caring fiance whom I’m looking very much forward to marrying. :)

Since the fourth of August 2013 I’ve been mainly in Norway, but I’ve gone for some visits to England now and then. First I went on a little autumn break to be with my fiance and to meet other people in York, and then I went for a surprising visit to my fiance to join in on a special event in my fiance’s family in November, and then I went to stay in England for a very long time for the Christmas holiday and celebrated both Christmas and the New Year in Trimdon in England – with my fiance’s family. I had a very nice holiday, and it was very nice to be able to be a lot with my fiance and his family.

My fiance has also visited me in Norway sometimes since I moved back to England. First he came for a summer holiday in the beginning of the summer – this was when he was still just my boyfriend and hadn’t proposed yet.  Then we visited my parents in the west of Norway for several days, and then he came with me to Kristiansand and got to meet some friends of me there for a couple of days. Secondly he came to Kristiansand again in November and joined me also for a little visit to some of my family members at Sola, close to Stavanger. On our way back to Kristiansand I also got to show him a tiny bit of the city centre of Stavanger, my birth city. Thirdly, he just met me in the west of Norway again as we both travelled to Bergen from each our angles – he from Manchester and I from Kristiansand – and then to my parents’ place in LindĂ„s counsil, in the country side area called Hundvin, where they live. That was from Thursday last week (one week ago) and until Monday this week in relation to my mother turning 70 on Valentine’s Day. My father arranged a big party for her on Saturday the 15th of February, and Jonathan, my fiance, and I joined my family and friends of my parents in a very nice celebration to honour my wonderful mother. :)

Now my fiance and I are back to each our countries and again have to live with the big geographical distance between us and manage to be without seeing each other for many weeks in a row. It is not always easy to be in a long distance relationship, but I know that God is helping us through us, and it will be worth it in the long run. I will finish my studies and all the things I need to get done in Norway before I will move to England, and I will get ready for my future with God’s help.

Now I have been writing for a much longer time than planned, because I got delayed and caugth up in writing quite a lot here, and I really have to end very soon, but at least now I know I’ve written many important updates and that you’ll understand my life better now.

I hope to come back tomorrow. Have a nice evening! :)


Kindness from a Stranger

Today I want to tell you a little story from this morning. It was a quite ordinary morning in some ways. I was going to the university in Agder, where I study, as I usually do on Wednesdays, and I was a bit late as I often am too. However, today was a day that was a bit special. My class was going to have a guest lecturer coming to give us a course about translating for screens, e.g. making subtitles. I wanted to be there on time. Another thing that was out of the ordinary was that I wasn’t in my best shape this morning as I’ve got a cold. Yet another thing that was unusual was that I last night had left behind some lovely gloves that I had been given for Christmas at the university, and I was praying both last night and this morning that I would be able to find them again today.

When I got ready this morning I got delayed like I often do and was in the end so delayed that I most likely wouldn’t catch the bus. That meant that I would maybe have to walk to the university, and I knew that such a walk could take quite some time and make it harder for me to come on time for my first lecture. In any case I wanted to try to make the lecture and was going to see if I could catch the bus that could be arriving a little late. I went outside, and right after I had come up to the road outside the house I live in, after going up the stairs from the basement where I rent a flat, I suddenly saw a lady with a car. I thought she maybe was going to drive off very soon, so I quickly called to her to get her attention and also came towards her at the same time. When I was closer to the car I asked the lady if she was going to drive, but she wasn’t, and I accepted that and was ready to move on. I had come close to the car at his point and was planning on walking on, but the lady suddenly asked me “Are you going anywhere?”. I said “Yes, I’m going to the university, but I’m a bit late”. The lady – which was a young lady and a lady that I’ve never met before – immediately said that she could take me, and I thanked her, and soon after I got into her car, and we were on our way to the university. I live close to the “uni”, so it takes just a few minutes to drive there. I got to have a little nice chat with the lady that drove me, thanked her very much for the ride, and gladly wandered off into the university area after I’d been given a free ride, totally offered from the stranger I met today, and taken to the university in just a few minutes.

At the university I was now able to go and look for the gloves I’d forgotten about and left behind the evening before, and I soon found them. Thanks to God! :) Then I also was able to buy some food to eat, which I needed as I hadn’t had time for breakfast at home and had forgotten to bring with me the food that I’d prepared for myself this morning. I managed to eat some food and have some sips of a drink, and not the least to come in time for the special course this morning, all because of the kindness of a stranger. Had I not been given the free and totally unexpected ride from the woman who took me to the university, I most likely would have arrived quite late at the university, and I wouldn’t have had time for looking for my gloves or buying food, and it’s quite probable that I had come a little late or at least come to the class feeling rushed.

Because of a stranger’s kindness I got a more relaxed morning and could enjoy some calm minutes at the university before my first lecture started today. I could look for my gloves and also buy some food. And all of these things were very nice, and since I have a cold and were not at my best shape this morning, the relaxed and short journey to the university, saving me lots of time, suited me very well today. In other words, there were so many good sides to the unexpected little morning help I got from a stranger today: It was truly a big blessing from God that this stranger I met in my street offered to take me to the university out of her own kindness today. It was so nice and helpful for me to get that ride that she gave me, and it meant more than she knows. :)

Thank you God for blessing me, helping me and giving me care and love through a very kind act of a stranger today! :)

An act of kindness can mean more than you think. :)


Ruth Kristin


A little apology and explanation

Hello there,

I’m sorry I haven’t written in many weeks. I thought about writing here many times in January, as I also did many times during the previous months, after moving back to Norway. Unfortunately it doesn’t help how much I’ve thought about doing something. It’s just doing things that matters, at least in most cases, I think. However, at least now you, my readers, know I’ve thought about writing several times, and the reasons for why I haven’t written much for a long time is simply put that I just haven’t come around to it. I’ve often been very very busy and have had lots to think about and do, and in a busy life period it’s often been hard to put aside time for or “come around to” writing. In the days and weeks ahead I hope I will manage to write more often here.

Ruth Kristin