A big day for me


Three years ago I started on a new educational journey, as I started studying to become a technical translator through fulfilling a bachelor degree at the University of Agder. Since then there’s been many days, weeks, months and years consisting of

  • lots of hard work
  • lots of lectures
  • lots of assignments
  • lots of tests
  • lots of exams
  • lots of results

These study years have included two years at the University of Agder and one year at York St John University. It’s all been very interesting and meaningful to me. It hasn’t always been easy. Actually, it’s usually been quite tough and often very stressful, and sometimes extremely stressful, but I’ve never given up, and today – 5th of June – has been a big day for me where I finally had my last exam and could write this on facebook:

Yuhoo!  Today I had a successful oral examination, and after three years of studying I’m now educated as a technical translator!  I thank God for helping me so that I got this opportunity to study and enter into a new career path, and I thank God for all support and help in my studies.  This is a big day for meg.

My update included many smiley faces and some hearts too. :)

Here you can see me having my bachelor assignment presentation on Tuesday:




I’m a technical translator and can now look forward to my new exciting future. :)


Ruth Kristin, mostly on the 5th of June 2014 – and with the photo and last text added right after midnight (Norwegian time). :)


A little new apology…


I’m sorry I haven’t been writing here for long. I just haven’t come around to it. In general I haven’t been good at updating my blog often since I made it, and I’m sorry about that.

I think a major reason why I often haven’t written here so often and why there sometimes have been months inbetween each update, is that I’ve often been very busy and stressed.

The last years I’ve been studying full time, to become a technical translator. That hasn’t always been easy for me. I’ve often struggled with the whole situation and found it to often be a very tough, stressful and energy draining. It has felt like it’s been too much for me to be a full time student, again and again, but I’ve never given up, even though I almost felt like doing it and felt the whole situation was maybe too much for me to come through. God has helped me through.

I could have told you a lot about the last months and years, and if I had been updating here regularly, I would’ve given you more insights into my study life, but that hasn’t happen, and I can’t do anything about that now, but perhaps I’ll later look back some times and give you insights into things I’ve been through in retrospect. I’ll see. I just want you to know, though, that I’ve thought of my blog many times, but I just haven’t been good at putting aside time for it, and I’ve just kept on putting off writing here. Last, but not least, I’ve often been so busy with the study situation that it’s just been too much for me to try to blog besides studying. So to sum up: For various reasons, much because of lack of time and energy, and much because I haven’t been good at prioritizing my blog lately, you haven’t heard so much from me the last year. I’m sorry about that. I’d like to get better with updating my blog in the future.

Now that I’ve explained a bit and apologized I hope you all will realize that I wish I had been updating my blog more often, and that I’ve thought of doing it several times, but in the end I’ve just not come around to it, and I haven’t always used the chances I had to update my blog – like all the times I spent a lot of time on Pinterest that I got hooked on this spring. I could’ve spent some of that time on my blog. I’m sorry.

I want to try to get better at writing on my blog more often, and I’ll try to improve and work on my blog in the coming time. I think it will be easier for me to come to my blog to write more often the coming weeks and months. When you read my next update, you’ll understand why…


Ruth Kristin :)