Summer Blessings

Hi, everyone! :)

I’d like to tell you a little bit about some summer blessings and give you some more peeks into my summer holiday.

After a week at my parents’ place in the beginning of July, I went back to my own place and stayed in Kristiansand for several weeks without doing so many other things than just “taking it easy”. It was important for me to just do different ordinary things without being too busy so that I calmed down the tempo in my life and my stress level. I kept on having lots of things to think about and kept on being stressed in my body for a while, but in the end of July I finally started to feel that my stress level in general had gone down somewhat, so that was good.

When I was in Kristiansand, the city I live in, in July, I took some time to do errands in the city and enjoy the summer atmosphere there sometimes, and that was nice. One day I bumped into a friend which I hadn’t seen in a very long time, so that was a big blessing. Another day I decided to treat myself to a nice meal, and then I bought a lovely chicken salad and enjoyed bread and ice tea with it as I sat in the cafe’s outside area and enjoyed the meal and the sun all by myself. Below you can see a photo of my meal.


Apart from going to some trips to do errands and enjoy the city life a little bit, I wasn’t so much outside, actually, as I had much to do inside in my flat and as I’m often not so good to get around to going outside much when I’m just alone at home. But I did sit outside in the sun on my little veranda area a tiny little bit in June and July, which was nice. Below you can see a meal I once ate outside in the sun.


One hot summer’s evening I also went for a nice walk to one of the shops I use. I had just bought some nice new jogging shoes and wore them:


I enjoyed many nice views of nature areas on my walk, like the view of this lake:


Later on when I was in a street with houses I found this English sign with some lovely flowers in front of it:


When I had arrived at the shop, I sent this card to my fiance in England, a card I had made myself for him:


The last weekend of July I had a good friend coming to stay with me for the whole weekend, and that was very nice. We enjoyed a lot of sunshine and spent much time outside on the Saturday when my friend was here. Here you see me enjoying putting my feet into the salty water close to the city beach in Kristiansand. It was lovely.


After a very nice day outside I made a tasty evening meal for me and my friend, and it was a success. Here you see me as I was cooking:


Below you can see what the main dish looked like after it had been cooked in the oven. I served it with a very nice salad I had made. Both me and my friend really enjoyed the meal, and not only the edible part of the meal, but we also really enjoyed each other’s company and to be able to sit and talk together and listen to each other. We celebrated my new education and enjoyed fellowship and friendship with each other. Friendship is important. To have a good friend to enjoy a meal and a conversation with, is a blessing.


The first of August I went to York in England where I then could celebrate the 1 one year anniversary for my fiance and me: It was one year since we got engaged. My fiance took me out for a meal that day, which was very nice.

The rest of my holiday I spent a lot of time with my precious fiance, and I also met many other loved ones in England, for instance people in the church I belong to, and that was very nice. I’m blessed to be a part of a very good church in York called Living Word Church. We believe in and live for Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. He is our King. He is our Friend. Together we share fellowship and build each other up when we meet. I’m blessed to be a part of God’s family. :)

One time when I went for a walk with my fiance, Jonathan, we saw this little ferrot, and it even came climbing upon me. I’d never experienced anything like it before, and it was quite fun. :)


On Friday evening I was back in Norway, and now I’ll stay here for a while. When I arrived my organic fruits and vegetables that I get every second week was waiting for me, as I had forgotten to cancel them, but they were still just fine, so it was a blessing to have them waiting, as I arrived very late in the evening and couldn’t do some shopping immediately. Below you see the box that waited for me. I had other food waiting too, and my fiance had given me some bread to bring with me from England, so in many ways I was blessed, and I’ve been able to take it easy in my flat lately without having to shop more food. I was going to do some shopping today, but left it, as it was raining so much, and as I didn’t feel so good today. I will get my shopping done tomorrow instead.


In the days and weeks ahead I have lots to sort out, and my daily life has started back again today with getting a lot of housework done. Before going to bed I just wanted to share some more about my summer and give you some examples of my summer blessings. God is good and has blessed me in many ways and with many good summer memories to look back to this summer. :)

Good night to my readers. :) Be blessed! :)