Big Event: My own Sole Proprietorship

Hi, there!

Today is a big day for me, as I today have become a partly self-employed person. 😀 Yuhoo! Here’s what I wrote on Facebook about it:

“Today I have become self-employed! 😀 Yuhoo! 😀 I’ve established my own sole proprietorship which has been approved of today. Feel free to contact me, if you would like to make us of my proprietorship, THE THU LANGUAGE SERVICE! :)

I’m very happy and excited to now have my own little business or proprietorship and to be able to do jobs for other people and earn my own money in that way. It will be exciting to see how many offers of jobs to do I get in the coming weeks. For me, it’s important that I just get a few jobs at a time and not too much work to do through a week, because I easily become stressed and can’t work more than part time, but this autumn I will try to find out exactly what is the right amount of work for me, and I’m hoping to get it settled very soon.

Below you can see my professional Norwegian web page with the name of my sole proprietorship in Norwegian.



If you go to this address, you will find the English version of my professional web page:

I hope you all will like my web site, and know this: You can contact me if you want me to help you with a language job, like translating, and perhaps I will be just the right person for helping you out. :)

Good night, readers! :)


Ruth Kristin, a proud technical translator who am glad to have her own sole proprietorship :)


Some Glimpses into a Day of my Life

Hi, there.

It’s already a bit late, and I should’ve been in bed really, but I just want to write a quick little blog text and tell you a little about my day to give you some glimpses into it and an example of how a day can be for me.

Today I overslept, and it’s not so strange, because I got delayed and went to bed very late last evening. Lately I’ve not had enough sleep, and last evening I was very tired, so my oversleep also had to do with those things. I got up around quarter past ten today.

Not only did I oversleep this morning, but I was slow tempowise – if I can use that expression – and didn’t get much done in the beginning of the day. I delayed myself by using the internet a while in the morning, and then had a late – and long – breakfast, and while I eating I read in the Bible and then in a book I’m reading these days called “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. When I used the internet both before and after my breakfast I just did little things like checking my email and using Pinterest.

Finally I got around to having a shower long into the day – yes, after noon – and then after having my shower I started to run late and had to try to be a bit quick, because at one o’ clock a nurse – a lady I call “my nurse” – was going to visit me. You see, the counsil of Kristiansand have given me a nurse to talk with twice a month. She comes to my house to give me about an hour of her time to be with me and talk with me and thereby support me. It’s because of my diagnosis Asperger’s syndrome that she comes. I need someone to be able to talk with about my life and things related to my diagnosis, someone who can listen to me and whom I can get support and advice from, and this lady comes to give me that. When she came today, at 13.00, I had just managed to get dressed and put some mousse into my hair, but I had not finished getting ready, so I asked my nurse if I could just put something on my face, and that was ok. I just quickly put some eyebrow marker on myself and didn’t put on any other makeup. I often don’t use other types of makeup like mascara if I know I’m just staying at home, and this day my plan was to at least be at home in the daytime, and I don’t mind my nurse seeing me without any make up, so I just thought I would leave it with only putting on some eyebrow marker.

When I talked with my nurse today we talked about different things, and it was partly about a difficult situation I’ve had to deal with lately, a situation I don’t want to write about here. The point is that if I have something difficult to deal with I can talk to my nurse about it, and she gives me support and tries to give me advice about what I should do in different situations. It’s good and helpful for me. This doesn’t mean I don’t have people in my private life, like family members, I can talk with about difficult things, because I do, but for me it’s sometimes good to be able to talk through things with someone that I don’t stay in touch with in my private life and someone who’s got a confidentiality agreement in his or her job and therefore will have to keep what I’m telling secret. It feels good to sometimes share things with people like that, I think.

Not only did I talk with my nurse about different things today, and by the way I also updated her on my life, like I always do to a certain extent when she’s here, but I also got some practical help from my nurse today, which was very good. Yesterday I had a very busy day and had to deliver a proof reading job I had done, and I delievered it about 17.20. Then I had to make myself dinner and relax a bit, and I did different things online, and then suddenly a brother of mine called me, which was very nice, and a bit later I just felt very very tired and as if my body just didn’t want to do anything else but take it easy or sleep. Then I didn’t feel like doing the dishes, and I left it. I also left other housework yesterday. In the end it was all left undone, so today it was quite messy at my place and quite a lot of housework needing to be done. My nurse was kind to help me through doing the dishes for me and also helping me getting started on things I needed to get done, through just supporting me in getting things done, and we both did housework together for a while, basically. So she actually helped me to get started on getting practical things done today, and it was so kind of her and felt really good to have gotten some things practical things done before she left. I thanked God for the help I got from my nurse, both what she did for me and also for the help and support she gave me in getting things done myself. The thing is that I often struggle with getting started on things or getting things done. I often find it hard to get started on housework, for instance, but I’m not saying it’s like this all the time or with all kinds of things. It varies, but often I find it hard to get started on things, and I very easily just put things off or forget about them. Hmm… I just remembered now: I was going to water my plants today, but I’ve forgotten it…

Anyway, I’m really very delayed now, and this is also quite typically me and one of the big challenges with having Asperger’s syndrome… I so easily get delayed or finished at a late time with many things I do, like with writing. Do you know why? Well, the biggest reason, the way I see it here I’m sitting and writing, is that I am usually very thorough in most things I do, so that when I’m doing things I often spend a lot of time on getting them done. I’m often very detailed and also often very perfectionistic in what I do. Anyway, I easily write a lot and very detailed. Now that I started writing on this blog text, for instance, I thougth I could try to write at least 50 words, but I’ve already written more than 1100 words – right now the word count is on 1145 words. This shows to me that I can easily write a lot when I’ve just gotten started, and that’s something I already knew.

Anyway, I really have to finish soon. I didn’t plan to sit and write for so long, but typically I didn’t think about the fact that when I write I easily end up writing for a very long time because I’m so detailed. The time is now 23.46 in Norway, when I’m sitting here writing, so I really should go to bed soon, so I just have to try to end this text quickly.

Well, the nurse visit was very good, anyway, and after my nurse’s visit, I felt more energized and motivated to getting things done, and I felt like finding magazines to throw away and to get more papers sorted. I ended up sorting through some papers for quite a while, but first I wrote some important emails. Before I had dinner I had managed to sort through quite a bit of papers, and I was very pleased. I hadn’t gone through magazines, but at least I had gotten some important paper sorting done, so I was pleased.

I had a very nice dinner with fish cakes, potatoes, cabbage and turnip today. Some time after the dinner I called a friend with a daughter who turned 4 years today to congratulate, and that was a nice experience. Then I was going to try to get a lift with someone in church to go to a gathering in church in someone’s home, and I called someone to ask for a ride, but their car was filled up, and after that I tried getting a lift with several others, but my attempts failed, so in the end I decided to just stay at home. I had wanted to go the meeting in my church, but when I didn’t get a lift, it felt good for me to take it easy at home and get more time to do housework, because I had a lot to do, and I had often felt very stressed in my body with irregular heart beats many times. I had also felt very tired since the start of the day, and during the day and evening I just kept on feeling stressed in my body. After I knew I was going to have the evening at home, I decided to do some housework for a while. Then I did the dishes that then needed to be done, put on a bread for baking in my bread baking machine, hung up a laundry, and did some tidying up and other housework needed to be done. I worked very well, I think.

During the rest of the evening I have just taken it easy, watched some TV, eaten a good evening meal with my freshly baked bread – which tasted delicious – and done little things of my own. I also had a while that I just spent worshiping and praying to Jesus, my Lord and Saviour.

Now I’ve told you some main things about my day and very many details, actually, so now you know a whole lot about my life. I’ve been very personal and open, and perhaps some will think this is a bit strange or dangerous or not good, but to me it’s a good thing, and I believe it’s not dangerous – and I know God will protect me anyway. I know I’m much better at being open about my life nowadays than I used to, and I’m open and honest about my life and try to tell quite a lot and have now chosen to be very personal about this day I’ve just told you about, because I’m thinking that if I’m being open in this way and share things about my life, perhaps that can mean something good to someone else. Perhaps someone can learn more about life with Asperger’s syndrome through reading my blog, and perhaps someone can learn more about life as a Christian through reading my blog. I hope so. I also hope that my blog in general will be of inspiration and a blessing to many people in different ways, and I hope everyone who reads here likes to read here, also when I’m writing long and detailed texts like this. Anyway, if you don’t want to read it all, you could always skip some parts or come back and read more another day.

It’s 23.59. It’s time to go. Good night, folks. :)

A little step…

Hi there, to all my readers! :)

Finally I’m taking a little step and write a little here on my blog again. I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last time I wrote here. Life has been busy, and I have found it hard to get all the things I’ve thought about done, and I just haven’t come around to blogging, even though I’ve thought a lot about blogging and wanted to blog…

The thing is: I’m often very good at procrastinating. One of the reasons is that I often feel things are such a big job to do, but the more I wait with getting something done or procrastinate, the bigger the job often seems. I often just make things harder for myself on different areas by just procrastinating. It’s not good. I have to get better at getting things done and not just think about doing them, at least on some ares in my life, like when it comes to blogging.

I just also want you, my readers, to be aware that I actually would like to write here quite a lot, and I think that if I’d managed to write here daily, that would’ve been very good, both for me and for those wanting to read about my life. I think it has a lot to do with habits, this issue of getting things done, because when you do something by habit, you don’t need to think so much about doing it, and instead you just do it – out of habit. While when you’re not used to doing something, it’s often difficult just to get started, but how good it feels when I’ve just gotten started… Well, at least that’s how I often feel it is – like right now – this moment – here I sit in my office writing. :)

It feels very good to have gotten started, to feel I’m back in this blogging business, to feel I’m doing what I want to do and enjoy doing. I like many types of writing, and I like many types of computer work, but blogging is one of my favourites, because when I’m blogging I can just write exactly what I want and how I want it, and I can do it very spontaneously, like I’m doing quite now.

I didn’t make a big plan for this blog text. I just had some thoughts on what I wanted to write about, and then I sat off and started writing. From my experience writing often flows best when I’m just doing it very spontaneously and quickly, without thinking much about what to write, and without limiting or correcting myself a lot while I write. Then my writing can easily flow quite freely. I don’t think so much then. I just let my mind and writing flow in a way. I let my thoughts quickly come down on the paper or screen, depending on how I’m writing. I like both types of writing, by the way, both hand writing and typing. When I want things to go fast I find it’s better to write on a computer, and that’s what I’m doing now.

I like blogging, but I feel I’m like a new beginner in this “game” and want to grow and develop as a blogger and get more “into” it. In a way, I’m not so very new anymore, since I also had a blog many years ago, but I’ve never blogged very consistently for a long time, I think, and I haven’t gotten used to writing here in this new blog regularly, so in a way I still feel a bit new and like an amateur in this blogging business, but with time I’m hoping to gradually get better and better at writing and blogging, and I’m hoping that more and more people would like to read my blog. I also hope that my blog will bless many people and that many people will find things of interest here. With time I want to expand my blog and make it bigger than it is today. I just have to give myself time, and I should never give up. That’s one of my big values in life: to never give up. No matter what area it is that I find worth spending time on or fighting for or trying to win on, I think it’s very important to never give up. For instance whenever I don’t succeed in a situation where I wanted to succeed, I will not give up, if this area is an important area in my life where I want to grow and have progress.

I also must say: I think it’s a very good idea to just take a little step when you want to get started on something. I’ve got lots of thoughts and ideas when it comes to this blog, but I’ve just not been good enough at putting aside time for my blog and actually sitting down and DOING something about my thoughts, and not just THINKING about doing things with it. Now some days ago I read something online that I found helpful and interesting. It was about helping yourself to build habits into your life to get things done, and it was about trying to do just little steps to get started on things and get things done, and I think it was a very good idea.

Finally I managed to do that little step. I said to myself today that I should try to write at least 50 words on my blog today, but then later on, as I was very tired this evening, I thought I maybe should wait and write here another day, but later on I thought about the fact that we only have today and never know about tomorrow, and I also thought about that it’s good to get things done in the “today” of each day. So in the end I decided to just jump right into it and get some blogging done, and here I am. Now I’ve written about 1000 words,  which is 20 times more than I set as my little goal.

The little step I set as a goal for myself helped me do something much bigger. So I encourage everyone before I leave so that I soon can get ready for bed: Make a little goal for yourself, something that sounds too easy for instance, and then astound yourself. You can do it. :)

That’s it for now, folks. And if you liked this text, it would be nice to hear about it.

Good night, readers. :)