Thankful for Many Good Things :)

Hi there!

This evening I’ve thought about some things I’m thankful for and written about it on Facebook. Here’s what I wrote:

Since it’s Thanksgiving in America I want to tell you some things I’m grateful for and want to thank God, my Father for:
I thank God for my wonderful fiance Jonathan.
I thank God for my very kind and supportive parents, Solveig and Erling.
I thank God for my fantastic family – including my nephews and nieces.
I thank God for my future in-laws and family.
I thank God that I have many friends and know many people.
I thank God that I have a very good friend in Philinia.
I thank God that I have many good brothers and sisters in God’s family.
I thank God that I’m saved and given eternal life in Jesus because of His death and ressurrection. Hallelujah!
I thank God that things are moving on and looking good.
I thank God for some brilliant news I received today. Yuhoo!
I thank God for his faithfulnes, goodness and love.
I thank God that I’m made in His image, to be me, special and unique.
I thank God that my future is bright. Yuhoo!

God is good, and I’m blessed in many ways.

Good night, everyone! :)


Ruth Kristin

Preparing to Become a Housewife

Good evening, everyone!

Today I found some meat on sale when I went shopping, and some of it was lamb’s meat, and I decided to buy some of the cheap meat, and I decided to use some of it to prepare a very nice Norwegian lamb’s meat dish that I had never prepared for myself before. The meal is called “får-i-kål” in Norwegian. It means “sheep-in-cabbage”.



My mother has made this meal to me and others in my family many times, and I was used to this meal from when I grew up, but I had never tried out making this meal on my own before. I called my mother to get some advice on how to make it, and I also read in a recipe book to get help with the cooking process. It is really very easy to prepare the meal. All you need to do is to lay layers of meat and cabbage on top of each other in a pan and to put salt and pepper on it, and then you add some water and let it boil on a low heat for about 90-120 minutes.

As I was preparing the meal, I was going to check something out on one of my walls in the living room, but as I moved on my tv bench, then it started falling to peaces, my TV came falling towards me, and the books, CD’s etc. in the shelves beneath the TV came falling out, and it was all a bit difficult and dangerous situation for a while, but I managed to carry the TV down to the floor without hurting myself, and apart from that I just had to let things happen. I lost control over quite a lot of things, because as the bench fell apart a little, things fell out, and I couldn’t “save” them all. After this accident had happened, this is how it looked in the area where it took place:


A little while after I got this mess into my living room I cleared up most of it, and then I managed to get the TV bench back together again, so I could use it and watch some TV, as I did a little bit as the food I was preparing was boiling on it’s own. I have taken things to the side, but not put all things back in their place, and I will tidy up more tomorrow, but some things I’ve found out that I need to keep away from the TV bench, because they are too heavy and can make the bench fall into pieces again.

In the end my dinner was ready late this evening, and then I could finally eat it and enjoy it, and it was absolutely something to enjoy. I was very happy and proud over having made this meal called “får-i-kål” that I had made today, as it was the first time I had cooked it on my own. When I tasted it, it tasted lovely, so it was a great success, so I was very pleased with myself and the meal I made.



As I did some housework and cooked this new meal I have told you about today, I also felt more like a housewife, and I believe trying out new meals and improving on my house work skills are things which are preparing me for becoming a very good housewife, and I’m looking very much forward to marrying Jonathan and becoming his wife and to be a housewife and home maker in our future home.


Ruth Kristin


Lovely Days

Hi there,

Some days ago: 14.11.14. :) It was a beautiful date where I had a beautiful time with my beautiful fiance Jonathan who that day came over to my beautiful country Norway. We both travelled from two different places – he from York in England and I from Kristiansand in Norway – and met in the West of Norway.

Since that day, the first time I saw Jonathan in about a month, I’ve shared some lovely days with my lovely prince and my lovely parents in the lovely place that my parents live in outside of Bergen, Norway’s next biggest city.


This evening, the 19th of November, I have arrived back home to my place in Kristiansand after saying good bye to my sweet and kind parents in their area, and after taking farwell with my sweet and kind fiance Jonathan at the airport in Bergen.

Jonathan and I have had some special days, and they have marked a new time for us. We are now stronger as a couple, and we will keep on getting stronger. We trust in God and His guidance, and we know that all things work for the good for those who love Him.


Ruth Kristin



A Historical Day as a Technical Translator

Hi, there!

I’m sorry I haven’t written here in a long time. Finally I’m back. Today I felt I just had to write here in a way. Well, to put it differently, I really wanted to write here today, and here is why:

Today I’ve completed and delivered my first professional translation job. 😀 Yuhoo! 😀 Thanks to God, my Father, who’s given me a new start in life. Now I’ve finally gotten fully started on my new professional career, and it feels so good. Today I was very happy and proud of myself when I had finished the job I had taken on some days ago. It has felt good and exciting, but often also challenging and sometimes difficult to start working as a professional technical translator, and not just be a translator without a real job to do, but the best thing was to have completed the job and know that I had come through it and were ready to deliver it in time. I was so happy and proud, and I thanked God a lot, because God has helped me and given me the opportunity to get a new start in life through getting a new education and starting on a new career.

I started up my own sole proprietorship some weeks ago, and then I’ve been spending some weeks on getting registered as a deliverer of translation services with a Norwegian translation company, and finally I was finished with the registration process last week and was given a job to do for the company that wants me to deliver services to them. Today I finished the job I was given, and it feels very good. Now I can send a bill to the company who I have worked for, and then they will pay me for my delivery of translation services to them. :)

God is good. Life is good. Life is exciting. :)

And just one more thing: Today I’ve been in a relationship with my dearest darling, Jonathan, for 22 months, and I want to congratulate him here as a little surprise to him: :)


My darling, Jonathan, you are the best. You beat the rest. You make me laugh and smile again and again. You support me, love me, forgive me, care about me, encourage me and bring colour to my life – in many ways – again and again. You are faithful, trustworthy, stable and safe to be with. You are very kind and generous. You are very talented, creative and clever in many ways. You are a God-fearing man who’s growing with God. You are hardworking and an excellent conductor. You are a wonderful person who many people love, and I’m very happy to have you in my life and to know that you’re my closest and best friend, and the dearest person for me on earth. I love you very much, my fantastic fiance Jonathan, and I’m looking very much forward to marrying you, my love. :) Be blessed, darling! :)

Ruth Kristin