New Year’s Eve in England

Hi everyone!

On Sunday I travelled to York in England and have been here since. I’m spending a lot of time with my fiance here in York, and this evening I will celebrate going the transition between 2014 and 2015 with my lovely fiance Jonathan. He’s been working today but will come home to his place where we’ll celebrate together in not so long. I’m preparing for our little party and am delayed, so I can’t write so much here right now.

2014 have been a special year with many victories, much achievement and progress, and many joys and good times in my life. It has also been a year where I’ve experienced some tough times and gone through periods and things that haven’t been easy, experiencec sorrows, pain, sickness, missing, and many struggles in my everyday life. Life is’nt always easy, and the road to my successes – like getting many good grades in my final exams when fulfilling my translation degree, hasn’t always been easy or without sacrifices. I had to work hard and went trough a lot of stressful periods and experienced much stress and stress symptoms in my body to manage to succeed in my studies. It’s also been a lot of stressful times in my life this autumn, as I’ve been having very many big processes in my life to deal with at the same time, like testing out my work ability and getting ready to move to England. I’ve also missed my fiance a lot and had to keep on enduring a long distance relationship with him and keeping in touch a lot through Skype. However, I’ve also enjoyed many of my victories and many good moments in those holidays I’ve been able to spend with my fiance, and I’ve also enjoyed many good times with family members and friends.

Through all my days, ups and downs, trials and victories, sorrows and joys, yes, through all the things I’ve been through the last year, Jesus has been faithfully with me, every day. Thank you Jesus! :)

One of my most exciting memories from this last year has been when I started up my own business, and it’s been very good to have tried out to work as a translator. I’ve found out that my work ability right now is very low, and I will have a break from working and focus on my health, and on moving to England and on wedding plans and other things the coming weeks and months, but in the long run I would like to work a little as a translator besides being a housewife to my future husband.

The coming year has many exciting things waiting for me, and I’m looking forward to many things that will happen in 2015, like moving to England and marrying my wonderful prince Jonathan :), but now I need to first of all focus mainly on preparing for getting ready for my New Year’s Party with my fiance Jonathan.

Before ending I would like to congratulate my fantastic parents who today have been married 50 years and have a Golden Wedding Anniversary. They are a wonderful couple who are very good role models for others, both people in a relationship and others. I love them very much and wish them a very good and happy Golden Wedding Anniversary and a happy new year. Ten days ago my family celebrated my parents in advance, and I’m glad we did that. My parents deserved it. God bless you, dear “mor” and “far” (mum and dad)! :)

I wish everyone a very nice evening and celebration of the transition between 2014 and 2015, and I wish everyone a happy new year! :)


Best wishes,

Ruth Kristin


Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’m spending much time with some of my closest people these days while I’m on a holiday in the west of Norway. I’m with my fiance and his daughter, my parents, and my sister and other members of my big family.

Some of us celebrated the birth of Jesus at Gullbotn and have enjoyed much family time together.

On what we here in Norway call little Christmas Eve, I unfortunately had some pains in my left eye, and they kept on coming and going, coming and going, and I wasn’t well in the eye on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yesterday I got to see a doctor in an Emergency unit, and after examining me, he sent me to the hospital in Bergen where an eye doctor checked me out. I was told I’ve got iritis, and I needed to buy a lot of medicine. Now I’ve used medicine since last evening and am already feeling somewhat better. I wear sunglasses to avoid the light sometimes, and I use eye drops. I’m still having some pains, but I feel they are coming less often and are not so strong as sometimes before. And the inflammation in my eye wasn’t so big, so that was good.

Today I’ve arrived at my parents’ place again, and I will now go to spend more time with my family people that I’m with.

Have a good evening, everyone! Jesus – our Saviour who came to this world – is alive. :)


Ruth Kristin

Happy Birthday


Today I’ve turned 37. I’ve had a lovely happy birthday. :)

Yesterday I arrived in the western part of Norway for my Christmas holiday, and then soon after I met my dear Jonathan and his daughter Lily, who travelled to Norway from England to spend the holiday with  me and my family. We stayed at my parents’ place, and today we’ve gone to Gullbotn Conference center and celebrated my birthday also here. We’ll stay here for one week now and also celebrate Christmas here with many in my family.

Here are some photos from my birthday:

photo (8)


On this first one I’m showing a present and a very  nice handmade card my lovely fiance Jonathan gave to me. :)


photo (7)

Here you see me at the breakfast table.


photo (6)

In the evening I got this lovely cake that my mother had made for me. It tasted delicious. :)

I’ve had several nice greetings and phone calls and even some people in my family singing for me today, so that was very nice. :)

I’ve also helped out decorating two Christmas trees at Gullbotn today. Jonathan and Lily and I did it all together. It was the first time I decorated a Christmas tree on my birthday, and this time I even decorated two ones, because Gullbotn Conference Centre had one extra one, which was a little one.

For dinner we had a very nice burger meal, and that was also the first time I had that as a birthday meal, I believe. Not only that, it has been hailing a lot in Lindås and Bergen, where I’ve been today, and I can’t remember any birthday of mine where it’s hailed before. This evening, there was even more drama in the weather, because there’s been a lot of lightning and thunder going on here. It’s exciting. :) I like when unusual things are going on.

I’ve had a very nice, lovely and original birthday today. :) The Lord has blessed me. :)

Good night to my readers, and have a happy weekend! :)


Ruth Kristin


Ruth Kristin

Deletion and Delays


I just want to tell you a little about my Facebook deletion process. Unfortunately I got delayed in the process, and it ended up with me pressing the deletion button several times and then going back into Facebook to collect more things and write more notices to people about deleting my account, but the last time I used Facebook was the night after Tuesday. I got delayed and didn’t get enough sleep in the end, much because of writing to people and collecting data on Facebook, but I decided in the end to draw a line and not write to more people, and then finally I was finished with Facebook.

The last days I’ve had so much to do in just a short amount of time, and it’s been difficult to get it all done within the normal time, and I’ve several nights been delayed in getting things done and stayed up long into the night and not gotten enough sleep, but finally I’ve got a holiday now – since yesterday – and had more sleep last night.


Ruth Kristin

My Facebook Decicion


I told you about my Facebook dilemma a couple of days ago and told you I in a couple of days would tell you about my final decicion about Facebook and why I the last months had kept on using Facebook when there was so much I didn’t like about it.

Here’s my decicion: In the summer I decided to delete my Facebook account, for very many different reasons. These reasons were related to for instance time, ethics, views on society issues, privacy and security matters, and a wish for a more simple life. I wanted to delete my account and start to live a life without Facebook, and my decicion was something I had thought a lot about and considered for a long time. I had been wondering about it for a long time, and when I made my final decicion, I was very happy about it.

So, why have I kept on using Facebook since the summer then? Well, I wanted to delete my account, but I felt that there was so much to do before I could delete it, because I wanted to collect contact information about people I wanted to stay in touch with, make sure I had written some greetings to some people I wanted to write to, and download my data, and not the least write some blog texts about the whole issue on my blog. These things put together felt like a big, overwhelming Facebook ending project, and it’s been like that for a long time now. It’s felt like a big process to end my time as a Facebook user. Not only that, when I had made my decicion about Facebook in the summer, I didn’t have so much time available for my Facebook ending project, and I’ve kept on putting off doing these things I wanted to do related to Facebook, and I’ve found it hard to get around to getting them done, because my life has often been very busy and stressful the last months, and I’ve had very much to think about and do. In addition to that I’ve sometimes had doubtful thoughts and even felt a bit unsure about the whole thing or felt it has been hard to stop using Facebook, as there are many things I like about using it too. However, I’ve felt back to the thought about deleting my account again and again after feeling a bit unsure, and I’ve felt that what I really wanted to do was to “break free” and just live a life without Facebook for different reasons.

Had Facebook functioned in a different way, been more secure and safe, and had I only used it for a few persons, and had Facebook not been sold to the stock market, and had I not been given ads, and had I not been experiencing any problems with Facebook, and had I not known about any dangers about Facebook, perhaps I could’ve used it a longer time. I know I’ve used the Facebook tool or what to call it voluntarily, and I’m not happy about putting in a lot of private messages with a lot of private information there about me, and I could’ve used Facebook in a different way, but I can’t undo what I’ve done, and in any case I’ve always known about things I haven’t liked about Facebook from when I started using it actively. I can not do anything about all the things that has happened, but I can do something about my own Facebook account and get used to a life without Facebook, which I feel I would like to, for various reasons.

Now my own deadline for myself is running out. I have to post this text within three minutes plus put a link to it on my Facebook wall to tell people I’m going to delete my Facebook account. I will do it. In five days from now, I’ll do it.

Thanks for reading! :)


Ruth Kristin

So Much Going On


This is just a few words to tell you that there’s so much going on in my life these days. It’s been like this for a long time, really, and you could say that almost the whole autumn has been like that – a time of very much going on. In general there’s been very much going on in my life at the same time the last months, and this has often been challenging and often very stressful for me. Now the last weeks have often been extra stressful and often challenging for me, and I’ve often felt it’s been hard to have such a stressful period. I’ve struggled with many health issues and have felt very stressed the last couple of weeks, and I still haven’t come to a time of feeling totally well, rested and not stressed in my body.

One of the reasons behind the fact that I’ve often felt stressed lately is that I’m preparing to move to England, and lately I’ve had many news related to my moving process, and now I see that I soon can move, and because of this there’s so much for me to think about and to sort out and do.

One of the good things for me to know when I’m in the middle of a stressful period is that God is with me through it all and that I’ve got people around me who pray for me and support me.

And in the middle of this situation I’ve wanted to tell you about my Facebook decicion, and I wanted to write a lot about it today, but I’m delayed and shouldn’t write so much at this time, so I’ll try to write about it shortly and in a simple way after this little update has been written. It’s not easy for me to write shortly about things. It’s often very difficult as I easily see details and have got lots of things to say about matters. When it comes to Facebook I’ve got very much to write, and I could’ve written about it for hours, I believe, but because I’m in the middle of a busy and stressful time where I’ve got very many important things to do and think about, I think it’s better I try to just write a short text about Facebook this evening and perhaps write something longer later on.

Good evening and night to my readers. :)


Ruth Kristin

My Facebook Dilemma


Today I want to tell you about my Facebook dilemma. It’s a dilemma I’ve had for a very long time and a dilemma I’ve thougth of writing about here on my blog for some months. Finally I’m doing it. The first time I ever tried out using Facebook was in 2008. I didn’t use it for long for private reasons. After having a Facebook account for just around two weeks, I deleted it. This little period didn’t give me many experiences with Facebook, but it was enough to make me realize that there could be both positive and negative consequenses of using Facebook. For instance, I found it very exciting to find accounts of a crowd of people that I knew and have a look at  their Facebook profiles and also photos of some of them, but at the same time I suffered from “time loss” or what you can call delays, because I often got very much caught up in Facebook and forgot about time and place the first times I tried out using the so called social media site.

In 2010, I decided to try out Facebook again, and this time I kept on using it. Many times I enjoyed using Facebook, and I can still enjoy it, but from early on since I started using it in 2010, I’ve felt that I’ve lived with a dilemma that I’ve found has been hard to live with. On one side I’ve seen many benefits and positive sides of using Facebook and have for instance enjoyed being able to stay in touch with people living far away from where I live and been able to encourage and show care for people through my comments, greetings and messages. I’ve tried to focus mainly on writing positive things when I’ve written status updates, and I’ve tried to encourage people and to give many good words to people, for instance when I,ve written birthday greetings to different Facebook friends. On the other side, however, I’ve been well aware of things about Facebook that I haven’t liked, and I’ve gradually learned more and more about the dangers of using Facebook, and about negative consequenses there can be of using it.

The summer of 2012 was a time when I came across many interesting videos about Facebook on Youtube.  Together with all the things I already didn’t like about Facebook because of what I had learned through different sources and from my own experiences, seeing a lot of videos about Facebook made me seriously consider cutting out Facebook and living without it. I almost cut it out, but I felt it was a bit hard to “leave” Facebook totally, and I also knew that I was going to move to the UK to study, and I thought it would be nice to be able to stay in touch with people in Norway through Facebook while living abroad, and in the end I decided to keep on using Facebook for another period.

When I had moved back to Norway in the summer of 2013, I had one more study year left before I was finished with my new education. I can’t remember thinking so much about the Facebook issue in the start, but I know it’s been a recurring topic in my life and that I’ve kept on thinking of perhaps cutting out Facebook many times since I had started using it actively in 2010. Then in the winter of 2014 I had a period of not using the internet for 7 days. I had planned on not using the internet at all for 10 days, but I ended up with changing my plan and going back to using the internet after 7 days for various reasons. However, I didn’t immediately log back on to my Facebook account, and I spent some time reading a lot about Facebook and also watching Youtube videos about Facebook again. When looking into the Facebook issue this time, I came across a website with lots of links about Facebook, and on this site there were many negative stories about bad things happening because of Facebook, stories about dangers and negative consequenses of using Facebook, examples of bad privacy settings in Facebook etc.

Yet again I started seriously considering cutting out Facebook and felt like doing it, and I thought about it for a while, and it took up a lot of space in my thoughts, and it felt like a big and difficult issue to deal with. I think it was much because there are benefits of using Facebook, and I’ve had many good experiences with Facebook, but I think I was also wondering how to do it if I was to delete my account when there are so many people among my Facebook friends that I’d like to be able to stay in touch with. Then I also had the “pressure” or hinder of knowing that my university class had it’s own page on Facebook where we could write messages to each other, and I didn’t feel like losing out on the things that were written there. Therefore I decided to wait with making my final Facebook decicion until I was finished being a student at the university. I thought I could deal with the Facebook issue during my summer holiday, and I just left the issue in a way. I didn’t spend much time on the issue after this until at one point in my summer holiday, but I did think about it now and then, and I was very aware of the fact that I was interested in cutting out Facebook.

This last summer, this year – 2014, I had some days where I again looked a lot into the Facebook issue. Uptil this point I had found a lot of Youtube videos that I had found interesting and good when I in between – since the summer of 2012 – had watched Youtube videos about Facebook. Now this summer there were even more videos about Facebook online, and this is one of those that I noticed for the first time in my summer holiday and that I really liked:

I agree in many points that the video maker, Matthias, in the video above maes in his video, and the fact that Facebook this summer added a feature where they can listen in on things you do and then let you post it on your Facebook wall, was something I think I had just heard about when I watched the video above for the first time. Anyway, I know I heard about it this summer, and I wasn’t keen on it, and there’s just been more and more news about Facebook that I’ve heard the last years that I haven’t liked.

Would you like to know some other examples of things that I don’t like about Facebook? I’ll give you some examples anyway:

– I don’t like that Facebook has kept on changing their privacy settings and how their site has looked and functioned over the years. The change in the looks hasn’t been the worst for me, but I would’ve preferred it if Facebook was a more stable platform where there wasn’t as many changes as there has been.

– I don’t like the fact that Facebook can watch all the things I do and read all the things I write when I’m using their site, and I don’t like they have done serious mistakes that has made private messages available for people that wasn’t meant to see them.

– I don’t like how I myself and probably many others have gradually gotten used to sharing a lot of private information about ourselves, when it’s not really what comes natural to do to many  hundreds of people (and which often happens when you have hundreds of Facebook friends like I do).

– I don’t like that Facebook has become such a big part of the Western society and that it gets mixed into our every day lives in so many ways. To me it seems like it’s often taking too much space in people’s lives, and at least to me Facebook gets more focus than I often would like. One example is that nowadays some people want to publish updates and photos to their walls quite often, sometimes in the middle of a meal. I’ve done something similar myself, maybe not in the middle of a meal, but when I’ve been with others, and I’ve had many periods where I’ve posted updates daily or more than once a day. Lately I’ve not updated my Facebook wall that often, and I’ve gradually over a long time noticed how I don’t always like it when there’s a lot of social media use going on around me. When I have a meal or in other ways sozialice with others I would prefer to be able to do so without there being a big focus on social media in the situation and just enjoy having fellowship and talk with the people around me, looking at each other and not looking a lot down into a screen.

– I don’t like the fact that Facebook has experimented with their users without their concent. This is a fact I read about this summer and which made me very unhappy with Facebook as a company. They clearly had acted in an unethical way, and I felt I didn’t want to support them anymore. I’m totally against Facebook doing social experiments with their users without their prior concent. You can read about it here:

(You can also read on it on other pages, like at CNN’s pages, by searching for “Facebook social experiment” online.)

There are many other things I don’t like about Facebook or that I see as being negative consequenses, or possible negative consequenses, of using Facebook, and I also see many real dangers of using Facebook. Many people are probably aware of several of these dangers, like I have been for a long time as well, like the fact that when you write you’re going away somewhere on a holiday, there’s always a chance that this information ends up in the wrong place and that someone tries to rob your flat our house while you’re gone.

For now what I’ve mentioned as examples of what I don’t like about Facebook will have to do. Maybe I’ll tell you more examples of negative sides of Facebook and dangers of using this so called social media site. I write so called social media site, because to me it’s not really a social site. I see it as a place one can get connected to people, but it’s not a real way for being social with anyone. The only way to be really hundred percent social is to meet someone face to face. That’s something unique and something that Facebook never can replace. It’s also something I know I personally haven’t always used as much time on as I would like to do compared to how much time I’ve spent on using Facebook. I’m not proud to tell you, but there has probably been many times when the amount of time I’ve spent on using Facebook during an evening or a week, has been more than the amount of time I’ve spent on direct contact with others through the phone or through meeting them face to face.

I’m not saying that at times it can’t be good to be able to get connected to people on the internet, because I believe it can, and it can be a good supplement to other types of contact, especially if you’re in a life situation where it’s not so easy for you to meet up with people so often. It can also help people with Aspergers, like me, and others who sometimes find social situations difficult, to sometimes get in touch with people in written form, through for instance Facebook, emails or an internet forum. However, in my opinion the social contact that shold be the one we human beings should try to have the most of, most of the time, is a more direct form of social contact where we either speak with someone on Skype, call someone or meet someone face to face. The last form of contact is in my opinion the best one as we in this one can see each other, hear each other, and also touch each other. Nothing beats this last form of contact and can make you feel close to someone in a stronger way than the other ways of contact ever can, I believe.

The last months I’ve “cooled down” my use of Facebook and reduced the amount of updates coming from me on my Facebook wall. I’m still using Facebook, but the last months I haven’t spent as much time as I often have before on Facebook. I often used a lot of time there earlier, and I think I spend less time there in general now, but I still can feel that time flies when I’m spending time using Facebook, as I easily get caught up in what I’m reading and looking at and get interested in news from other people when I’m scrolling down the news feed on Facebook.

Well, now you might be wondering what my final decicion about Facebook was this summer and why I’ve kept on using Facebook also the last months when there’s so much I don’t like about it. If you do wonder about this, I can understand that, and in that case I hope you come back to my blog in a couple of days, as I then am planning on telling you some more about my thoughts on Facebook and also will be sharing about my final Facebook decicion.

Now it’s time to spend some minutes on different types on social contact, including some more minutes on Facebook, before I end my evening and go to bed.

Good night, everyone! :)