Very Busy Moving Days…

Hi everyone!

This is another new update, just very quickly, to let you know that I’m very busy and are having very busy moving days these days… The last days have started to get more and more intense in a way. I’ve been very busy and had very much to do, and things are moving on, and God has helped me and made sure I’ve had much help from other people, so that’s very good, but still there’s very much left to do. I should’ve been in bed by now and am very tired, but I’m delayed and will perhaps work on for a while more soon, but first I’ll have a bite to eat.

Before ending, I just want to give you some good news from the last days. The single mother who got some furniture of me the other day – which she by the way also had gotten a couple of days before that (so she’s received furniture of me twice) – a couple of days after I had witnessed for her and said she could come and visit me and help me a day if she wanted, came and helped me out in my moving process, and then she helped me again yesterday. She’s become a friend to me and been very helpful in helping me out in many different ways, like taking me to a shop where I could get some free boxes, helping me packing and helping me yesterday when I sold some furniture and needed to prepare for the sale and helping me with carrying some of the furniture out of the house with the buyer of the furniture. I sold my sofas and a table, and the sofas were carried by all the three of us, the buyer, my friend and I. The buyer carried the table together with me. It’s been a real blessing to have my new friend helping me out the last days.

On Wednesday evening I went to a gathering with people in church at someone’s home, and there we had a good time of fellowship and spent some time on studying the Bible, and we prayed together before we left, and then someone also prayed for my moving process.

Thursday evening, I had a lady from the church visiting to help me out, and she helped me a lot with packing down kitchen things, and we also sat down and had some nice bakery that the lady had brought, and we enjoyed a cup of tea, talked together and prayed. It was a very good time and very good to have both practical help and to be prayed for in addition to have fellowship. The lady who visited me was the last guest to be honoured of sitting down to enjoy a little meal in the lounge area I had – with two stylish sofas and a very nice table. The next day I finally sold my sofas and the table to a man who wanted to have them in an old house he was doing up. I was very thankful to God, because I had waited for quite some time with no response and had lowered the prices several times, and I really needed to sell the furniture before moving, and I had wanted to sell them before Sunday.

This evening, one of the things I’ve done is to move my sofa bed in to the living room where it’s been very empty since I sold the sofas and the table yesterday (Friday). Now the last days I live here I can use my sofabed as a sofa in the day time and as a bed in the night time.

I would like to put in some photos from my moving period on this blog, but right now it’s so late, and I really need to eat and get some more important things done, so I’ll come back to put in photos at another time, perhaps when I’ve arrived in England, if not before, but hopefully I’ll get it done while I’m still in Norway.

I hope you’re all ok. As I’m writing it’s now some minutes past midnight, and it has just dawned on me that it’s February now… Well, I’m using the British time here on my blog, so it’s still January in England now, but when you read this you can know that it’s been written right before and after midnight Norwegian time and around eleven in the evening English time. My text has been written in the transition between January and February in Norway, but in English time the writing has been done close to the new month, and it’s getting closer and closer to the new month in England now, so February will soon be upon people there too. To me it’s a bit strange to think about that it’s already February. Time is going quickly, I feel, but that’s how it often feels for us human beings, at least for me, and that’s something we have to live with.

Now I’m in my real moving month, the month where my move to England is going to take place. On the 5th of February I will move my things out of my flat and into a moving truck going to England, and on the 9th I will move myself to England through taking a flight to Manchester. Then, on the 13th, my moving load will arrive in York, where I’ll live, and my move to England will then have been completed.

It’s very exciting to think about moving to England, but also sad to think about leaving family and friends and not being able to see them as often as before, but that’s how a move often is – it’s a mixture of joy and sorrow walking hand in hand. The good thing is that it’s mainly a joyous and exciting experience for me to move to England and that it will be the best for me to do it, because I know it’s God’s will for me, and it will be very good for me to be finished with a long distance relationship with my fiance and be able to see him every day if I want. I also know that it’s possible to stay in touch with people in Norway, and that I can see people again, so that’s good.

Well, I’ve written for a longer time than I thought I should now, so I really have to go. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Take care, and good night.


Ruth Kristin

A Busy Moving Period


I’m sorry, but this day that has gone by I haven’t come around to do the blogging that I wanted to do. I wanted to finally give you a big update on my life from the last weeks and months… However, blogging wasn’t very high up on my list, and I had lots of important things to do before blogging, so I ended up coming to this point where I’m now, where it’s past midnight in Norway, and where I can’t sit down and think thoroughly through what to write and then write my blog text, and I am already delayed and should’ve been in bed, so I’ll just write this little update about today, and then I will come back here another time, but I don’t know when, and then I can tell you more that other time, which hopefully will be one of the coming days.

All I can say for now is first of all that I’m in a busy moving period, and in the middle of this, it’s often not so easy to get all the things on my list done, especially things that are not very important. However, in general I often have too much on my to do list and struggle with getting it all done.

Some times it’s not always such a big deal if I don’t get all my things done during a day or a week, but these days, it can sometimes matter a lot whether I get some things done or not during a day or week, because some things are urgent, and when my moving day comes, the day a moving truck I’ve ordered, will come and collect my moving load, I just HAVE TO be finished with all the packing for my move, at least, because my things have to be ready for being moved over to England.

Since it’s now soon just a week left until my move and I still have a lot left to prepare in my flat, I hope I will get some more help from some people I know soon, and I trust that God will make sure I will get the help I need.

Before I end, I’ll tell you some examples of some things I’ve achieved today, because I’m quite pleased of my achievements and think I’ve done well:

1. I’ve given away some drawers today. The person who got the drawers was a single mother who really needed some new furniture, and today I gave her more than some furniture, because I also told her about Jesus and gave her a free book to read.

2. I’ve made an important phone call today.

3. I’ve sent 5 important emails that all was related to points on my to do list today.

That’s it for now. The clock keeps on ticking. I am delayed and must get ready for bed. I can tell you more another day.

Good night, everyone! :)

Fantastic Moving Help

Hi there, everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t written here in a long time. I’ve thought about writing here in between, like the case has been in similar cases before too, but I’ve often been very busy and just not come around to or prioritized to write here, or I’ve postponed it, or I’ve found it hard to sit down and write here, much because I’ve wanted to tell so many different things, and then time has gone, and now more and more things that I want to tell about has heaped up into a big pile, but hopefully I will manage to tell you a lot tomorrow.

For now I want to tell some good news from today. You see, I’m in the middle of a busy moving period, where I’m getting ready to move to England, and it’s much because of the business of this period that I haven’t written here for a while. I’ve often not managed to get so much done as I’ve wanted in this moving period I’ve been in lately, and this is partly because I haven’t always been totally well.

Today my parents came on a day visit to help me out, and they gave me a fantastic help. It was very good to meet them again and to have them here with me and to get help from them today. We all worked a lot on getting moving preparations for me done. I gave away several things to my parents that they can use in a flat they’ve just started to rent, and in this way I blessed them and also was helped by getting rid of more things and thus reducing my moving load so that I have less things to bring to England. We all cooperated and helped each other with packing down a lot of my things, and we worked so well and effectively that before my parents left, we had packed down as much as 10 boxes. It was so good, and I was so thankful to my parents and grateful to God for the help I got through my parents today. It meant a lot to me that they came and helped me today. Now I’ve come a lot further in my moving process and don’t have so much left to pack or get rid of. I still have quite a lot left to do, but it will be easier to manage to be ready in good time now with the good help I got today, and I know that step by step I’ll manage to finish with all my moving preparations. I know God is with me and will help me. :)

Thanks to my parents for a fantastic moving help today! Thanks to my Lord and Saviour Jesus who helped me through my parents today! :) God is good. :)

Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone!

Happy New Year!



I wish everyone a happy new year.

In addition to the photo above I’ve also prepared a video that I wanted to put out here, but I’ve just found out that the size of it is too big for this page. I’m not sure what to do about that and if I could find an alternative solution for sharing the video or not.

Anyway, I will leave you with this photo for now.

I’m wondering who you are, you my readers. If you like my blog texts and to read about my life, it would be nice to get some comments from you now and then, but you’re always welcome to read without commenting too, 0f course..

I’m wishing you all a very good new year.


Ruth Kristin