Blogging Break

Hi, my readers!

Again, I’m sorry about not having written anything on my blog for a good while. I haven’t tried to have a blogging break, but that’s what I’ve had effectively, because I haven’t come around to writing here for a very long time now.

What does it mean when I haven’t been writing here for a long time? Well, it often means that my life has been very busy, that many things have been going on, and that I haven’t been very well organized or very good at setting aside time for my blog.

In this particular case I’ve been very busy, and I’ve often been very stressed too, because there’s been very much going on in my life over the last weeks, and I’ve had very much to do, and it hasn’t been easy for me to get around to sit down and write here. However, now I’ve put on an alarm clock that is ticking in the background as I’m writing this, and I’m trying to write something here as the alarm is ticking and before the final alarm signal goes off. So far I think I’m doing quite good.

I would like to give you some examples of things that have been going on lately, since I came back from my holiday in Norway which I told you about in May. Here are some main points:

1. I moved from one part of York to another one on 1st of June. This moving process gave me a lot of things to do and deal with, and the process was often very stressful for me. The good thing, though, is that I’ve got a place to live that is in walking distance of my fiance Jonathan’s place, and I really enjoy living where I do. Furthermore he people I live with are friendly, and they also have a very sweet cat and a beautiful dog that makes my life more eventful and at times more lively. :)

2. I’ve been going to a lot of meetings with a mentor I’ve been given for a period of time from a charitable organization here in York, and I’ve been getting support in reaching my goals. One of my goals are to get a more structured life, and that is one of the things I’m working the most on this summer.

3. My fiance and I set a new wedding date this spring, and the date – there my alarm signal went off – the date isn’t so far away, so we’ve been doing some wedding planning and wedding prerarations lately. There’s still much to be done, but at least we’re on our way.

I’m sorry about my little interruption in connection with my alarm. I hope you don’t mind.

Now I’ve shown myself and you who read this that if you set an alarm for yourself and decide to get something done or at least start on something within the time before the alarm clock rings, then you’ll get something done. To push yourself a little bit is often a good idea, I’ve found.

It’s also a good idea to tell yourself that you don’t have to do more than you have time for within your alotted time slot. This is about taking baby steps that I’ve heard several people online writing or talking about, like Flylady or Andrew Mellen.

Well, that’s what I’ve done now. I’ve taken some small steps with my blog. I’ve come back to my blog, written a bit more and given you a little update of my life. I could’ve written a lot more, and I also wanted to put in some photos here, but I’m already running late for other things I’ve got to do – my life is so busy with so much to do these days – so I think I should just end this blogging for now and do more blogging tomorrow. I can always add some photos to this blog text later on today or tomorrow. I’ll see what I’ll do.

In any case, I’m back in business. I’m back in my blogging business again, and this time I want to write more often, and I’m also hoping for getting more and more readers gradually.

Have a nice evening, everyone, and remember this: Step by step we’re moving forward, and one little step is better than no step at all. :)


Ruth Kristin