Very Busy Times

Hi, everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t written a new blog update for a long time. Again, I’ve thought about writing on my blog in between, but again, the blogging has been put aside and not been prioritized, often because my life has been so busy.

I’ve thought quite a lot about blogging lately, actually, and ideally it would’ve been so good if I had managed to put aside a little time for it very often, like several times a day or daily, because there’s so much going on in my life that it would’ve been nice to share a lot about these days, like things to do with my wedding preparations, but I’ve often been very very busy lately, the last weeks and months, and in the middle of all my busyness and a lot of things to do it hasn’t been easy to put aside time or find time for blogging.

However, since there’s so much interesting going on and I’m getting ready to marry my prince Jonathan :), and after thinking a lot about blogging lately, I decided that I was going to put aside some time for blogging today, and now it’s already gotten late in the evening, so I just want to write some few lines here.

To write a little is better than nothing, and now my blog gets updated a bit.

So what concrete can I tell you as examples of what I’ve been busy doing the last months and weeks then?

I’ll give you three examples:

1. For the wedding of Jonathan and I I’ve started making table cards for the wedding breakfast. A lady friend of mine called Grace helped me out when I started on making them. Here you can see me in the middle of our creative time at her place:CAM00267

2. I’ve helped Jonathan with getting his house gradually more tidy and organized over the last months, and one time some weeks ago I decided to tidy up and reorganize in his bedroom and make it look much better, and I suprised him with that, so that when he got back from work one day the room was transformed. After a few days I also bought him some extra gifts for the bedroom that I surprised him with one evening, like a nice pillow with a painting on it as you can see on this photo: 20150906_211347

3. I had a trial session with the hairdresser that’s going to do my hair on the wedding day on Friday, and here you can see me walking outside afterwards: 20150925_132012

It’s busy times, and at times during the last weeks I’ve been very stressed, and life doesn’t always feel easy, but God is with me and helps me through everything. :)

I hope you’re all fine and wish you all a good night and a good week ahead!

Ruth Kristin