Newly Married!

Hi, everyone,

Yuhoo! 😀 I’m newly married! 😀 Yuhoo! 😀

The 3rd of October I got married to my prince, my dear Jonathan, who had been my fiance for over two years and whom I’d known for almost three years, my sweet prince and darling, yes, my gift from God.

I was very excited about and looked very much forward to marrying my prince Jonathan, and I had waited a long time for marrying him, and we’d even experienced postponing a wedding we’d planned having last year, so it was very good to finally marry my dear Jonathan.

Here you can see me on the morning of the wedding day in the hotel room I stayed in the night before I got married, and where I also did my last preparations for the wedding:

20151003_120450 (Rutti som brud klart hår med Elodie)I was very happy about the hairstyle I had chosen and that I received on the wedding day, and I thought my hairstyle and my hair looked beautiful and romantic, and I thought that my bridegroom would like it too, and he did. :) He also liked my viking styled wedding dress, and I really liked his prince Edward suit and his hairstyle. I thought my prince Jonathan looked gorgeous. He was and still is my English prince. I was and still am his Norwegian princess.

Jonathan, my prince, and I, had a lovely, wonderful and unforgettable wedding day, and we enjoyed our day very much, with Jesus there with us through our day and with Jesus getting a lot of attention and praise, Jesus, our Saviour, who has saved us and helped us through many things. God had brought us together, and God joined us in the holy covenant of marriage on 3rd of October 2015. Jonathan and I were very excited and happy about becoming husband and wife, and here you see us as a newly married bride and bridegroom inside the church we got married in, on our way out:


“What God has joined together, let no man separate”.

20151003_231131Our fingers with our wedding rings on.

Jonathan and I have been on a lovely honeymoon, and after that we’ve often been very busy, and now we’ve been married for 20 days, and finally – after thinking much about it – I’ve come around to writing about marrying Jonathan on my blog. I’m sorry I haven’t written until now. I was so excited about having married Jonathan that I was even considering blogging about it while being on the honeymoon, but I decided in the end that it was best to not spend time on blogging and rather just spend as much time as possible with Jonathan and enjoy my honeymoon with him, and I decided it would be better to write on my blog soon after coming home from our honeymoon. Unfortunately, I’ve kept on getting delayed and not coming around to blogging, much because my life often has been very busy lately, but at least now I’ve written some words about getting married here, and now I’ve gotten to tell you my good news and to share some photos in relation to getting married. Perhaps I will tell more about getting married another day, and perhaps I’ll also add in some more photos here.

In any case, I’m now Mrs. Burton, and I’m my dear husband’s wife. :)

Take care, and have a blessed weekend, everyone! :)


Ruth Kristin, the newly married Mrs. Burton :)