Happy New Year! :D

Hi, and happy new year everyone! :)

Finally I’m writing on my blog again. I’ve often been very busy and had much to think about the last weeks and not come around to write here until now, but I’ve thought about it again and again. Finally I’ve done something about the thought.

It’s good to have a new year with new chances. It’s good to have had a new January. It’s good that also every day we get a new start.

Each day gives us a new chance for a new start.

Each day is unique.

I could’ve written about lots of things, but this is just a spontanoues new year’s greeting for now, just to get me started. Now I’ve started. I’m back into my blogging business again. A little start is better than no start. I’m back to blogging, and that’s the main thing.

I want to develop my blog this year and hope that I manage to get better at blogging regularly and that I manage to blog often in this new year. No matter what this year is a new gift from God.

Have a good year, everyone!


Ruth Kristin