Small Steps


Happy February! :)

How can little steps matter? How can we take little steps and still reach our goals? How can we get to a point where we feel that we’ve achieved something on a day when we’re very tired or stressed and we don’t feel like doing much? These are questions I will give you a few answers to today.

Little steps can matter if you take them going in the right direction. Even if you only move one little step forward towards your goal, it is still a step forward and will still help you reach your goal, no matter how small the step is. Every step counts. Every step is important. Why? Because usually the only way to move forward is by taking steps, and small steps are often better than bigger ones, because small steps are easier to take, and when we succeed in taking small steps, we can feel motivated to taking more small steps or taking bigger steps, and either way we’ll have made progress.

How can we then take these steps and still reach our goals? We have to make sure that our small steps move us into the direction we want to go in. For example if my goal is to gradually get more order in my kitchen, I have to set aside time to now and then do one little thing or more that moves me closer to a more orderly kitchen. One way of doing that can be to set aside five minutes to do a little bit of tidying up in an area that I’ve thought of tidying up in for a long time and kept on putting off tidying up in. Another example is that you can divide an organising project into smaller steps and instead of trying to organise for instance a whole room in one go, you can organise one area of the room at the time, for instance first one drawer, then another drawer etc. I still haven’t done all this myself, in the home I live in, but not so long ago I sorted through some kitchen utensils and suggested to my husband which ones we could get rid of, and together we agreed on which ones we were to keep and which ones we were to give away.

What about those days when we are tired and stressed? Can we still get some productive things done on days like that? I have often felt very tired and stressed lately, and it’s not always easy to get very much done on a day like that, and it’s easy to feel that one doesn’t want to do much if one isn’t feeling at one’s best, and that’s ok. Again, there’s help in the small steps. By telling yourself that you can try to do one or a few little things, which for instance can be to at least put on a laundry and empty the dishwasher and put things back into the dishwasher, you are making life easier for yourself and making it easier for yourself to get started, and you’re putting less pressure on yourself. At least that’s what I’ve found. Furthermore, by doing this, and by trying to only take some small steps and at least get something done – which is better than nothing – then you can end up feeling that you’ve achieved something positive, also on a day where you didn’t feel very good or where you didn’t have much strength. Try then also to go easy on yourself and be happy about what you DID accomplish that day and don’t focus on all the things you didn’t accomplish.

I’ve taken several different small steps today, and one of them is writing here, and by writing this text about small steps I’ve taken a small step towards improving my blog. :)

Good luck on taking small steps towards your goals!

Now it’s time for me to say good evening, and good night.


Ruth Kristin