Encouragements are strong

Encouragements are powerful

Encouragements are life giving

Encouragements give hope


Encouragements inspire me

Encouragements lift me up

Encouragements can spur me on

Encouragements show love


Encouragements are gifts for me

Encouragements are gifts for you

Encouragements can bless my life

Encouragements can bless yours too

Three Nice Things

Hi, my readers,

I hope you’re all fine. :)

Here I am, delayed in my evening, and in need of eating and getting ready for bed soon, and unfortunately it’s right after midnight – so I didn’t catch the deadline I would’ve liked to catch, the deadline for getting the date of the 27th of June on this blog post…Well, I want to write a little to you tonight anyway, because I want to tell you about some nice things from the day that just has gone by.

The day that has just gone by hasn’t been a day where I’ve only been feeling good all the time or where I haven’t done any mistakes, because I’ve had some difficult times and not always felt good during this last day, and I’ve also done mistakes in the course of this last day, like irritating my husband unfortunately.

However, all in all this last day has been a quite good day for me, and I’ve had several nice things happening in my life during the day, and I’ll share three such things with you now:

  1. During the last day I’ve managed to be quite productive and have managed to get all these things done – to me it’s a lot and more than I’ve often done in one day:
    1. Doing a little bit of tidying up and cleaning in the bathroom. X
    2. Putting on a laundry and later on folding the clothes that were dry and hanging up the newly washed clothes. X
    3. Preparing lunch for my husband and myself. X
    4. Tidying up, washing up and cleaning the surfaces in the kitchen after the lunch. X
    5. Tidying up, dusting and hoovering in the living room. X
    6. Cooking dinner for my husband and I. X
    7. Doing some evening shopping. X
  2. I didn’t manage to get the dinner ready in time for my husband and I to eat it together before he had to leave for his work shift, unfortunately, but I managed to make it just in time for my husband to put some dinner into a plastic box and bring it with him to work, so that he could eat it in one of his breaks on his late evening shift. Later in the evening I got a message from my husband telling me that the dinner was lovely, and he thanked me for it, and that made me really happy. :) I’m so pleased that I managed to make a really good dinner for him this last day. :) I love him very much and want him to be happy.
  3. This evening I started on a writing course I recently was invited to by Charles Bordet from Become A Top Performer, and I think it’s nice to have joined several other bloggers and writers in a course where we’ll all learn how to write more than we already do and how to develop our writing.

I’m very pleased with what I’ve gotten done today and with all these three nice things I’ve experienced today, and I’m also happy about other good things that I’ve experienced during this last day and that I’m not telling about. I can’t tell everything here on my blog. I need to keep some secrets.

In any case, what I now do want to tell you before I end this blog text and then eat some food and get ready for bed, is that during this last day God has helped me and strengthened me and given me many victories. In Jesus I’m victorious. :) In Jesus I’m a winner. 😀 Yuhoo! 😀 Even though I sometimes do mistakes, as you know I’ve also done in the course of the last day, I’m still a winner, because I haven’t given up, but risen up after falling down into a mistake. I haven’t given up, and I will never give up in my life, because I’m a winner, and Jesus helps me to hold out.

Thanks and honour to God, my Father, Lord and Helper through The Holy Spirit, for the good things I’ve experienced during this last day! :) God is good. :) Yuhoo! 😀

Good night, everyone. :)

Silence on My Blog

I’m sorry to tell you, but again, I’m delayed in my blogging, and I’m delayed in my life, and I’ve had a long period of “silence” on my blog. Now I want to tell you some of the reasons why.

Well, first of all I want to tell you that when there’s a long period of silence or no action on my blog, that usually means the same general things, no matter what time of the year or what kind of period in my life you find the silence. The silence on my blog usually means these things, simply summarized:

  • My life has often felt very busy.
  • I have not been organized enough in my life.
  • I have not put aside time for blogging or pushed myself hard enough to get some blogging done.
  • I have procrastinated.

The thing is, no matter how busy I am, if I just prioritize something highly in my mind and decide that I’m going to do something at some point, sooner or later, I WILL get it done, usually. So at the end of the day, I just haven’t done well enough when it comes to my time usage, my decisiveness and my actions. I haven’t gotten the blogging done that I ideally would’ve liked to have gotten done.

Now when it comes to the last period of my life where I’ve had a long period of not blogging at all, it has often been particularly challenging for me to get any blogging done, much because I’ve had many very busy weeks lately, very much to deal with, and I’ve often been very stressed and had many challenges to deal with. When there are many things to deal with and when there’s much to do and think about, it’s often difficult for me to get around to sit down to do blogging, and often there are other things that are more important to me than blogging in the middle of a busy and challenging life period.

The good thing is that I’ve had many good blogging ideas during the last months, and there are lots of things I WANT to write about, so there’s no lack of ideas or good intentions. The problem is that when I keep on feeling that life is too busy for me, that I’ve got too much to do and think about and that it’s difficult to get around to sit down to write on my blog, or when I’m disorganized and have a lot of chaos in my life, which I often have had lately, then it’s often very difficult to get any blogging done, and my mind gets filled with more and more blogging ideas, and it’s like a pile of papers that needs sorted that keeps on growing. My pile of blogging jobs get bigger and bigger. There’s more and more blogging for me to do, and I feel more and more behind.

In a way I have a luxury problem as I have plenty to write about. There’s so much that’s been going on in my life lately that I’d like to share about on my blog. I’ve got lots of photos I’d like to post on my blog too. Basically there’s a very big amount of blogging work that is waiting for me, and that’s quite good, but when I’m already in a situation where I often struggle a lot with getting things done in my life in general, then it doesn’t make my life feel easier or less challenging when I’m also having a lot of blogging ideas that keep on piling up on top of other tasks that I’m behind with. I feel I need to catch up in getting things done in many areas of my life. It’s not always the best feeling. I’ve often felt quite overwhelmed or challenged or as if things look really hard by thinking about lots of different things I’ve got to do. It’s not a feeling I can recommend, but still it’s not the worst problem to be struggling with, and at least I’ve got ideas of what to write about on my blog.

Lately it’s often felt like I’ve had too much to deal with in my life, and since I know how my life has been, I don’t find it so strange that I’ve ended up with not doing any blogging for a long time. I want you, my readers, to be aware that I DO want to do more blogging, though. Yes, I want to do more blogging, and I want to get around to writing about those things that I’ve wanted to write about lately but that I’ve never come around to. I want to do something about my ideas for my blog and not just keep my ideas in my mind. I want the silence on my blog to last a shorter while and not for months or weeks, maybe not even for many days usually. I want you to know that my good intentions are there.

I cannot promise anything when it comes to my blogging, though, and I can only do one thing at a time and take one day at a time. However, I can tell you that I haven’t given up on my blog and that I definitely want to write more on my blog and also increase how much time I spend on it. I want to share of my ideas, share about my life and inspire people and mean something to those who read my blog. I want my writing to matter. I want my blog to count.

I want the silence periods on my blog to become a less lengthy happening. I want movement on my blog to happen more often.

I want to get better at just sitting down and starting to write – like I suddenly did today after being challenged from a guy who sends me inspirational emails, Charles Bordet.

I want to start moving towards a better blogging future – with more action when it comes to blogging. Yes, I want more action on my blog and less silence there. However perhaps I need less action in my life in a way and more silence in it, so that I have less things to write about and more silence to sit and write.

In any case, I want to keep on living my life, whether I blog often or seldom, because in the end of the day, my life is not about blogging, and I’m not living for my blog. I live and blog about my life now and then, and if I’m too busy to blog, the silence speaks for itself.

Until the next time I break the “silence” on my blog, fare well.


Ruth Kristin Burton