A New Start Today :)

Hi, everyone.

I hope you’re enjoying the new year.

Since the start of December and until the beginning of last week, I wasn’t totally well, and the Christmas holiday period was sadly a period where both my husband and I weren’t well, and last week I often felt a bit run down and not at my best too, while unfortunately my husband still wasn’t feeling well. The good thing is that my husband has been recovering the last days, and today he’s getting ready to go back to work tomorrow.

With being away and with not feeling at my best lately, there’s been a lot that hasn’t gotten done at home yet, and my life has lately consisted a lot of taking it easy, and gradually I’ve started to get more of the everyday type of things, like housework and cooking, done.

My good news now is that yesterday I agreed on a new weekly plan for myself with my husband, and this gives me a lot of structure, and I have started on trying out the new plan today. I’ve had a new start today, where I got up early and had a good start to my day, and I’m well on my way to testing out the new weekly plan for myself.

Now I need to stop writing as I’m a little bit delayed, and I need to get on to my next thing to do today, which is doing a session of a “Weekly Home Blessing Hour”, a good housework session you can read about at Flylady’s webpage.

Have a good day! :)

Ruth Kristin

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