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I, Ruth Kristin Burton, born 1977 in Stavanger in Norway, am a technical translator, after aspiring to become a two-way translator of non-fiction literature in English and Norwegian for three study years and finishing my translation degree in June 2014. I am also a writer, poetry being my specialty, and a teacher with extensive education. For the long run I aim at running my own sole proprietorship offering services of translation, proof-reading and linguistic editing, whilst writing my own texts, and I want to do this work on a part time basis. This is a link to my professional website where you can read more about me as a translator and writer: www.ruthkristinthu.blogspot.no

In 2011 I did the proof reading and editing of the book “Hunting for the truth about Asperger’s syndrome” – the original title in Norwegian being “Jakten på sannheten om Asperger syndrom”. I also contributed with text elements and ideas to the book.

It was very interesting and exciting for me to work on a book about Asperger’s syndrome as I myself have this diagnosis. I have lived most of my life unaware of my own condition, and I didn’t get my diagnosis until I was 32 years old, but I have often felt different and struggled with different issues during my life. Now that I have learnt about Asperger’s syndrome and know that I am an aspie – a person with Asperger’s syndrome – I can understand myself and what I have been through in life much better.

In 2004 I started a blog for the first time, but I stopped writing on that blog some years ago. You can still access it, however, and here is a link for it: www.rudydudy.blogspot.co.uk

I’m also available on Google+ and on Pinterest should anyone want to follow me there. On Pinterest I have many different boards and over 2000 followers.

Here on my new blog I would like to share experiences about living with Asperger’s, about struggles and victories in my life, but I would also like to share from other areas of my life – like my faith and my writing experiences. Maybe I sometimes will even let you read some of my poems.

In October 2015, not long ago, I got married to my prince and darling, Mr. Jonathan D. P. Burton, and now as a newly married wife I focus a lot on our marriage and on my husband and on becoming the best wife I can be for him and the best wife he could dream of. I know my top priority in life after God now is my husband and our marriage, and our own little family with two step children of mine, and our home, are very important to me. Now that I’m married to Jonathan, I want to serve God in and through our marriage. Jonathan and I are one, and I want to see us blossom and grow as a married couple and as teamplayers with each other, and I want to be used by God and be a blessing to others together with my husband as well as on an individual basis.

My wish is to inform and raise awareness about Asperger’s syndrome and autism; tell about Jesus and what he’s done for us human beings and what he means to me; share thoughts and opinions on different issues, like love and lifestyle; give glimpses of my life in progress, and encourage and inspire people in their lives. If my own struggles, victories, advice, thoughts, encouragments or other contributions can be of help or a blessing to others through reading about them here, that would be good for me to know. I like to be a blessing and enjoy helping others. I want to mean something for others. I want to be of help. And I know my life matters and that what I do count.

I can be a blessing to you, and you can be a blessing to me if you read what I write and tell me that you are blessed.

Ruth Kristin Burton (previously Ruth Kristin Thu), originally written 01.03.2013, first edited 19.02.2014, secondly edited 23.09.2014, and then edited the 22.12.2015.


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