Busy with assignment work…


Today I’ve been working a lot with an assignment that I need to deliver tomorrow. I’m still not totally finished, so I can’t blog so much this evening, but I just wanted to write a little here before going back to my assignment work.

This morning, before I had gotten started on my work for today, my boyfriend came to visit me, and then he had a very nice surprise for me – he gave me a very nice pillow with patches in the shape of butterflies on. I really like butterflies, so it was very sweet of him. He’s a very nice, kind and generous boyfriend. We really enjoyed each other’s company again, and my boyfriend also gave me support and advice for my assignment.

Thank you God for my wonderful boyfriend and for the strength and help you’re giving me in my assignment work! :)

One thought on “Busy with assignment work…

  1. Thank you my sweet. It’s wonderful that I can be of help to give you support and encouragement.
    Your my wonderful girlfriend and I’ll always be there got you.

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