A Couple for Four Years :)

Today it’s four years since my dear prince Jonathan and I became a couple. We had by then gradually gotten to know each other for a while, and we had become closer and closer to each other in our friendship. Furthermore we had since first of January in 2013 started acting as a couple. Then on the 4th of January that same year we started defining ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, and now we’ve been a couple for four years.

Here’s a little tribute in photos to Jonathan and my relationship to him, my sweet, handsome, lovely, kind, caring, creative, talented, hardworking, loving, forgiving, and one of a kind prince, darling and husband.

Happy Anniversary, Jonathan, my love! :)


Ruth Kristin

A Lovely Birthday


Today I’ve had a lovely birthday, celebrated with my husband and my parents in the morning, gone to a very nice Christmas party in the church and celebrated with two lady friends in the evening.

(I just clicked on the publish button too late again, so that the date of my publish text become the wrong one, the one I didn’t want, again, but at least I know that I’m writing around midnight, and that my birthday that has just gone by, the 19th of December, is my birthday and that I’ve just written this text a bit late. I started writing just right before midnight and tried sending out the text above before midnight, but was just too late again (like last night), but the main thing is that I’m telling about my lovely birthday, and now it’s only four minutes past midnight – it’s just become later and later as I’ve written this. Now I’ll soon tell you some more…)

In the morning I got a lovely handmade birthday card from my creative and sweet husband Jonathan, and I enjoyed a long and late birthday breakfast with him and my parents where I opened many nice gifts and had fun. Later on, some time after my husband had gone to work, I enjoyed a nice lunch with my parents and my friend Grace, and then we attended a very nice Christmas party in my church The Living Word where we socialized and also watched a very nice nativity play where the children did very well in the performance, and we got to see acting, singing and dancing. I met many different people, also people I hadn’t met before, and I had a very good time.

During my day I’ve received many nice greetings and hugs, and I’ve had many nice phone calls, including family people calling me, and some of my family members even sung for me on the phone, which was very nice.

In the evening I’ve enjoyed a very nice little party with my good friends Elodie and Grace. My parents went out for a meal and were gone for most of the time when my lady friends visited me. Grace and I made some food, and Elodie joined us a bit later and helped us prepare for our celebration time. We enjoyed a very nice meal, and we really enjoyed our time together. My husband joined our party not long after he had come back from work around half past ten and after I had finished watching a film with my lady friends, and then we ate a lovely cake my very kind mother had made for me with assistance from my fabulous dad. I’ve got lovely parents who’s helped out very much this day, and also the other days they’ve been here lately.

Now in between as I’ve written this blog text I’ve had breaks and spent time with my lovely husband. Now I’m very tired and will go to bed soon. I’m sitting and writing in a sofa in our living room as my husband is relaxing and watching “Match of the day”.

I’m very blessed and have had a very lovely birthday and had a lot of good experiences and many lovely and happy moments. I’ve been smiling and laughing a lot. The day that has just gone by and was finished about half an hour ago has been a very nice one for me.

I’m blessed. Thanks to God, my God, for a lovely birthday! :) Jesus is my Saviour, my Lord and King, and my God. He has blessed me with a wonderful birthday. :) Thanks to Jesus! 😀 Juhoo! 😀


Very Busy Times

Hi, everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t written a new blog update for a long time. Again, I’ve thought about writing on my blog in between, but again, the blogging has been put aside and not been prioritized, often because my life has been so busy.

I’ve thought quite a lot about blogging lately, actually, and ideally it would’ve been so good if I had managed to put aside a little time for it very often, like several times a day or daily, because there’s so much going on in my life that it would’ve been nice to share a lot about these days, like things to do with my wedding preparations, but I’ve often been very very busy lately, the last weeks and months, and in the middle of all my busyness and a lot of things to do it hasn’t been easy to put aside time or find time for blogging.

However, since there’s so much interesting going on and I’m getting ready to marry my prince Jonathan :), and after thinking a lot about blogging lately, I decided that I was going to put aside some time for blogging today, and now it’s already gotten late in the evening, so I just want to write some few lines here.

To write a little is better than nothing, and now my blog gets updated a bit.

So what concrete can I tell you as examples of what I’ve been busy doing the last months and weeks then?

I’ll give you three examples:

1. For the wedding of Jonathan and I I’ve started making table cards for the wedding breakfast. A lady friend of mine called Grace helped me out when I started on making them. Here you can see me in the middle of our creative time at her place:CAM00267

2. I’ve helped Jonathan with getting his house gradually more tidy and organized over the last months, and one time some weeks ago I decided to tidy up and reorganize in his bedroom and make it look much better, and I suprised him with that, so that when he got back from work one day the room was transformed. After a few days I also bought him some extra gifts for the bedroom that I surprised him with one evening, like a nice pillow with a painting on it as you can see on this photo: 20150906_211347

3. I had a trial session with the hairdresser that’s going to do my hair on the wedding day on Friday, and here you can see me walking outside afterwards: 20150925_132012

It’s busy times, and at times during the last weeks I’ve been very stressed, and life doesn’t always feel easy, but God is with me and helps me through everything. :)

I hope you’re all fine and wish you all a good night and a good week ahead!

Ruth Kristin

Blogging Break

Hi, my readers!

Again, I’m sorry about not having written anything on my blog for a good while. I haven’t tried to have a blogging break, but that’s what I’ve had effectively, because I haven’t come around to writing here for a very long time now.

What does it mean when I haven’t been writing here for a long time? Well, it often means that my life has been very busy, that many things have been going on, and that I haven’t been very well organized or very good at setting aside time for my blog.

In this particular case I’ve been very busy, and I’ve often been very stressed too, because there’s been very much going on in my life over the last weeks, and I’ve had very much to do, and it hasn’t been easy for me to get around to sit down and write here. However, now I’ve put on an alarm clock that is ticking in the background as I’m writing this, and I’m trying to write something here as the alarm is ticking and before the final alarm signal goes off. So far I think I’m doing quite good.

I would like to give you some examples of things that have been going on lately, since I came back from my holiday in Norway which I told you about in May. Here are some main points:

1. I moved from one part of York to another one on 1st of June. This moving process gave me a lot of things to do and deal with, and the process was often very stressful for me. The good thing, though, is that I’ve got a place to live that is in walking distance of my fiance Jonathan’s place, and I really enjoy living where I do. Furthermore he people I live with are friendly, and they also have a very sweet cat and a beautiful dog that makes my life more eventful and at times more lively. :)

2. I’ve been going to a lot of meetings with a mentor I’ve been given for a period of time from a charitable organization here in York, and I’ve been getting support in reaching my goals. One of my goals are to get a more structured life, and that is one of the things I’m working the most on this summer.

3. My fiance and I set a new wedding date this spring, and the date – there my alarm signal went off – the date isn’t so far away, so we’ve been doing some wedding planning and wedding prerarations lately. There’s still much to be done, but at least we’re on our way.

I’m sorry about my little interruption in connection with my alarm. I hope you don’t mind.

Now I’ve shown myself and you who read this that if you set an alarm for yourself and decide to get something done or at least start on something within the time before the alarm clock rings, then you’ll get something done. To push yourself a little bit is often a good idea, I’ve found.

It’s also a good idea to tell yourself that you don’t have to do more than you have time for within your alotted time slot. This is about taking baby steps that I’ve heard several people online writing or talking about, like Flylady or Andrew Mellen.

Well, that’s what I’ve done now. I’ve taken some small steps with my blog. I’ve come back to my blog, written a bit more and given you a little update of my life. I could’ve written a lot more, and I also wanted to put in some photos here, but I’m already running late for other things I’ve got to do – my life is so busy with so much to do these days – so I think I should just end this blogging for now and do more blogging tomorrow. I can always add some photos to this blog text later on today or tomorrow. I’ll see what I’ll do.

In any case, I’m back in business. I’m back in my blogging business again, and this time I want to write more often, and I’m also hoping for getting more and more readers gradually.

Have a nice evening, everyone, and remember this: Step by step we’re moving forward, and one little step is better than no step at all. :)


Ruth Kristin



On Wednesday I had a very nice and relaxed day at a friend’s place in Lyngdal, not so far from Kristiansand, in the south of Norway. I think I needed that relaxed day. However, in the afternoon and evening I met different people again, and I spent the night at another place than the night before, and then the next morning – that’s on Thursday, yesterday – I met even more people. In other words, I was travelling a lot around for some days, visiting and meeting up with many different people, and I also met people that I hadn’t planned to meet, and my days were very busy and intense. In the middle of it all I didn’t get enough sleep and rest over these days.

After the intensive period of travelling a lot and being very active and social and meeting many people and having little time for myself, when I was back at my parents’ place in Stavanger yesterday I got a reaction and cried a lot after we had eaten dinner. I was very tired and felt exhausted. I was very emotional and cried quite a lot for a while. I believe I was overloaded. I had a feeling of everything being too much for me and that I hadn’t had enough time to rest or to be alone, and I decided I needed to rest. Soon after this I took a time of relaxing and resting alone in the guestroom I used.

After a little time of resting I was social again for a while before I again withdrew to be alone, but this time I withdrew through having a bubble bath in the jacoozi in the flat I visited, a flat my parents rent now. No one in my family had ever tried out the jacoozi before, and I was the first to try it out. It was very nice to use it, but unfortunately I didn’t know how to turn it off, and I didn’t manage to get it off no matter what I tried, and it took a long time before it switched itself off by itself, but my mother had then prayed for God’s help, which was very good, so I believe God helped us, but soon after the fire alarm in the hall way outside the bathroom went off, and then it repeated itself three times! It was so much steam coming from the bathroom. It was all quite crazy and funny. :) It gave me and my parents a laugh. :)

It helped to have some time alone and some time to take it easy yesterday, but today – Friday – I’ve travelled back to England and had a busy day and still feel very tired and not at my best, so I feel I need to relax, rest and sleep a lot this weekend and the coming days, and start gathering new strength.

We must listen to our bodies, and we must try to avoid being overloaded.

PS. By the way, today I’ve been very encouraged and happy by a very positive event that took place in my life today, but I can’t tell you what it is right now, but hopefully I can tell you about it tomorrow.

NB! I also want to say that I’ve met my fiance Jonathan again today, and it’s been lovely being with him and enjoying good moments with him again. We’ve got a great future ahead, and I’m looking very much forward to marrying my dear darling, my precious prince and my handsome husband to be, Jonathan, my love. :)

Good night, everyone! :)

Settling In and Fulfilling 3 Months as Emigrated

Hi there!

I’m sorry you haven’t been able to read any updates from me lately. Unfortunately I’ve not come around to writing here on my blog until now, since the last time when I wrote, much because I’ve often been very busy and had lots to do and think about after I emigrated over to the UK. Now since it today is 3 months since I moved over and emigrated to this country, I wanted to write a little greeting about how my life has been lately. It’s late in the evening, though, so it will have to be a quick greeting, and I may add some photos later on.

I’ve started to settling in and am quite settled in my new life situation now, and the last months God has helped me and blessed me so that my life here in Britain gradually has become better and better all in all, and also so that I personally have been doing better and better all in all. I’ve been touched by Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, again and again, and I’ve been blessed in many many ways by God.

Here are some examples of good things that has happened: I’ve got a new GP, and not long ago I saw a nurse that I will be chatting to now and then, and this week I started seeting a mentor from a charity that will help me reach goals in my life.

Other good things have happened too, and I’ve gradually settled in more and more. :) I’m not saying that I’ve never had hard times, because I have, but God is with me through it all, also when I miss Norway, for instance, and all in all I’m having a very good life in England.

Well, it’s midnight now, after a lovely day – the 9th of May – where I went with my fiance Jonathan and his daughter Lily to London where we met Jonathan’s sister Caroline and saw Charlie and the chocolate factory – a musical – on the West End, and we had a very good time and enjoyed the theatre show very much.

Now it’s time for me to say good night, and I’ll do that soon and tell you more about my life at another time.

Good night, everyone. :)

Ruth Kristin

Moving Delivery

Today ( 13th of February) my things have arrived in England, and it was very nice to have received them. They will be stored at my fiance’s place, and we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us in getting my fiance’s place sorted out the coming weeks and months.

It just turned midnight, so it looks like I’ve written this on the fourteenth, but I started writing on the thirteenth, and the date of the fourteenth of February has just arrived, and I’m writing about the day that’s gone by. It’s been a busy day with much practical work to do, and unfortunately one of my boxes was missing when the moving people had put in all they had with them in their truck, but I’m trusting that God will help me and let me have my box during the coming days, and I also trust God will help Jonathan and I in our special time of getting many things sorted and much practical work done the coming time.

Good night, everyone.


Ruth Kristin

I’ve emigrated. :)


Today I’ve emigrated from Norway to the United Kingdom, and now I live in the UK. :)


It’s still a bit strange and unusual to think about, but I now actually have started living in England and am not living in Norway anymore.


I had a very nice journey to England today, and it was so good to see Jonathan again at Manchester Airport when I met him today, and it’s been very good to be able to share the day with him today and to have his support and company during my first day of living in England on a permanent basis.


This evening I’ve moved in to my new household, where I’ll be sharing a house with a mother with three daughters, and I’ve moved into my loftsroom with an ensuite bathroom. Since the last time I saw the room and the bathroom, it had all been gotten properly ready for me, so that now there was a for instance a carpet on the floor and many furniture for me to make use of. The room looked lovely, and I was very pleased with it. Below you can see some of it.


Here you can see me on my new bed:


Here you can see me with my new little desk:


I am very tired and must go to bed in not so long, so it’s time to say good night soon.

Thanks to God who’s let me move to the UK, helped me through my moving day where I’ve emigrated to the UK and started to live in England, and blessed me with letting me rent a lovely loftsroom! :) And thanks to God who blessed me so that when my suitcase was about six kilos overweight I only had to pay for two extra kilos in Norway today! :) God is good.

I’m looking forward to living here in England in the days, weeks, months and years ahead, and starting a new life here. :)

Good night, everyone! :)

Emigrating to England! :D Yuhoo! :D

Hi everyone!

This is a big and exciting day for me, a day I’ve looked forward to for a long time. :) Today I’m moving to England to live there permanently. Today I’m emigrating from Norway, my home country, and I’m embarking on a new and exciting adventure in my life, and a new phase in my life will start from today.

I’m looking very much forward to moving to England, but at the same time it’s a bit strange and somewhat sad and tough to move away from Norway and to know I won’t be seeing Norway and people in Norway as often as before, but I know I can visit Norway and see friends and family again, so that’s good, and my time for a new phase is here, and now England and people in England is waiting for me, so now I will walk into the future I’ve planned for for a very long time, and even though it’s not just happiness connected to a moving process, and it’s been sad to say good bye to people lately, I know that this move is first of all something very good and exciting, and this is a big day for me. Thanks to God who has led me up to this point and let things work out very well for me in my moving process and now will keep on helping me as I move to England and start on a new adventure of my life! :)

Today will be a big day for Jonathan and I as a couple too, so it’s not just a big day for me as an individual. I’m looking very much forward to seeing my dear Jonathan again, and after seeing him again today in England I’ve moved to his country and his city and will be able to see him every day if I want, which will be very good. Finally our long distance relationship will be over.

I’ll have to go and check in and get ready for my journey now, so I’ll leave my blog for now, but I will keep on updating you on my life also after moving to England.

Today is here. My future is here. A new time is here. God is here, with me, in me and around me, through his Spirit, and He will lead me, day by day, step by step. :)

Good bye to Norway and all my friends and family there, and good bye to all my Norwegian readers of my blog!

England, here I come – and this time to say! 😀 Yuhoo! 😀


Ruth Kristin

Intensive Moving Days

Hi everyone!

Since last time I wrote here I’ve had many intensive moving days, especially some days in the middle of this last week that’s just gone by. I will now give you some glimpses into how my life has been during this last moving period and how my move has gone.

Last weekend I was very busy packing and in other ways getting ready for my move. I wanted to meet up with people in the church on a barbeque I was invited for last Sunday, one week ago, but I had so much to do that I felt I needed to stay at home, so I kept on preparing for my move during the day time. In the evening I allowed myself to visit a good friend in church and spend some time with her, knowing it would be the last chance for me to spend some quality time alone with her before my move to England, so it was important for me to make time for it. It was good with a little break from my packing too, and I had a very good time with my friend and was blessed with getting some greetings from God through her as I visited her.

The next day, on Monday the 2nd of February, I kept on getting ready for my move. This day I had some ladies coming to help me out with doing housework. They are ladies that work for a company that is hired by the council of Kristiansand, and they have indirectly been sent to me by the council, because the counsil has allowed me to have some practical help at home. This day – Monday – they visited and helped me for the last time, and it was sad to say good bye to them, but that’s how it is to move. Both before and after the ladies visited me I did house work and moving preparations, and when the ladies visited me, it was good to have some helping hands and to get help with my housework.


On Tuesday I had to keep on packing and working hard to prepare for my move. This day I was blessed by a new friend who came and helped me with moving preparations. She cleaned most of the kitchen and helped me with other preparations too, so it was really good. In the afternoon I suddenly was happily surprised by receiving a letter from England in my post box, and it had a very nice card from my fiance inside it, and my fiance encouraged me in the middle of my packing situation, which was very good. :)



In the evening I had a little mini farewell party with two friends who visited me, but since I still had very much left to do to prepare for my moving day, I asked my friends to also help me out, and I felt I just had to work some more while my friends visited, so we didn’t very spend much time chatting and relaxing, and my friends were kind to help me out with my packing and moving preparations. While they were there I also had to receive someone who wanted to pick up some shelves I was giving away. I had tried to sell the shelves with no luck, so I gave them away.

On Wednesday I had to keep on packing, and as this was my last day before my moving day and I still had quite a lot of work left to do, I felt I really needed help, and I prayed to God that he would send me some help, and I wasn’t sure I had enough boxes to pack my things in, so I asked a friend, the husband of a lady friend of mine, to get hold of some boxes for me, and he was so kind to do that, and I also asked him if he could help me practically, and he could, and he came in just the right time. I felt God had sent him to me, because I had asked God to send me help and as he was there right before a man who was picking up my computer desk arrived to collect it. The two men then could carry the heavy furniture I was giving away while I did something else, and my friend who visited me ended up helping me packing a lot while I was in a rush, because I needed to get as much as possible done before doing an errand in the city. I thanked God for all the good help I got.

This is the computer desk I gave away:


Some minutes after my friend left in the afternoon I had to quickly go to the city, where I had to do some important errands like send a form to the tax office about my move abroad, and I had to go to an eye doctor for a new check of my left eye that got sick in my Christmas holiday.

Right after having done my errands in the city the nurse who has visited me regularly for a long time, came to visit me for the last time and helped me practically, for instance who loading her car with some things I wanted to give away. In the evening I wanted to go to a women’s meeting in the church, but was so delayed and still so much to get ready for the next morning, that I just had to stay at home and continue packing and getting ready for my move. The night before Wednesday I had only had four hours of sleep because of the moving preparations, and the last nights before Tuesday I hadn’t always had enough sleep either, so I was very tired, but I just had to work. Again, I really needed some help, because there was so much work to do, and I prayed to God for help, and later in the evening, my door bell suddenly rang, and a lady from church had showed up to help me. She gave me a very good help and was so kind that she stayed for several hours and also after midnight, before she left.

Afterwards the lady from the church had left, I was so so tired, but I had to work some more to finish packing for the next morning, when the moving helpers from a moving company in England would come. Right before the lady from the church had left, I had ran out of cello tape, but soon after she had left I found some stickers and were creative and used stickers to put labels onto some items that still hadn’t labels on them.


In the end I got about 3 hours of sleep the last night before the moving day. It wasn’t much, and together with only 4 hours of sleep the previous night and too little sleep some nights before that too, it made me very tired, but I felt I had had just enough sleep to feel somewhat rested, and I also trusted God would strenghten me and had strength from God throughout the day.

Here you can see some of the boxes I was going to send to the UK:


My moving day – the 5th of February – was a big and important day for me. It was my first big step in my actual move towards England. This day I was going to send off most of my belongings to England, and I was moving out of the flat that I had lived in for about one and a half year and was getting closer to moving to England and moving into the flat I will have there. In the morning, I had a simple breakfast – just like my other last meals before moving – since I had packed down a lot of kitchen equipment and needed to do things in a simple way.

Here you can see how I looked in the morning, being excited about moving out of the flat I lived in and being excited about moving to England.


Here you can see my breakfast together with my Bible. I read a good little portion from the Bible during my little relaxed morning time to myself before I had to crack on with being busy getting ready for moving again.


The friend who had helped me the day before came to let me borrow his copying machine this morning, a little after I had started getting more preparations done for my move. He then went to buy some new cello tape for me, and then he soon came back with it. I had to hurry and be quick, because the moving guys were coming between 9 and 10 in the morning. It really helped to have the cello tape, because with it I could fasten the labels I had fastened with stickers in a better and safer way, and I could also put some cello tape on some boxes that needed it to be better packed and more protected.

I was delayed and kept on putting on labels on my items that were to be moved, I also kept on packing some more things and making new labels to put on things, and I put on more and more labels. After nine o clock I kept on doing my preparations whilst knowing the moving guys could show up any time. In the end they were delayed, and one of them came to my door with my friend at first, because my friend had found the moving vehicle and helped the movers to find my flat. The moving guy I first met told me that the movers hadn’t managed to get the moving vehicle up my road, which was on a hill, because it was so icy outside. It was a typical winter’s day this day, and the weather was cold, and my road was very icy, but I hadn’t expected the moving vehicle to not be able to get their car up my hill. I awaited to hear what would happen, and not so long after I had heard about the problem with the vehicle, my contact person in the British moving company that I had hired, called me from the UK and told me I had to rent a van the movers could use for taking my things from my flat and to the moving vehicle somewhere.

As I was on the phone and told that I had to rent a van, my friend who had helped me out the day before and also this morning was now sitting using my computer and trying prepare for getting his printer installed on my computer. I didn’t have anyone who could help me with  my new moving situation, and the situation had suddenly taken an unexpected turn, but I trusted in God, and I asked my friend if he could help me out, and he got hold of a rental car for me, and since he said it was an emergency I got to rent the car for half of the normal day price for renting, so that was God’s blessing. I also asked my friend if he could drive the rental car for me, and he could. After we had collected the van I rented, and taken it to my place, the movers and my friend worked hard and efficiently, and they filled up the rented van with almost all of my moving load before they they took it to the moving vehicle, a very big semi trailer, that had been parked at a parking place not far away from me. As the lads unloaded the van and loaded the moving trailer, I had a break and mainly used it for eating a late lunch and chatting with my mother on the phone.

This is how it looked when most of my things had been put into the rented van and only a few things waited to be collected:


When the movers were back not so long after they had left my place, then the guys who helped me with the move started loading the van they used with more of my things, and I had to then quickly finish getting ready some more things I wanted them to move for me, as there were some things I hadn’t labeled yet, and the man in charge of the move was kind to give me some extra minutes and let me finish getting a few extra things ready before I then signed some papers and did some other paper work I had to do.

After the movers had helped me, my flat wasn’t totally empty, because I had let some things stay in my flat for various reasons, for instance things I was going to throw away or give away. There were also a few things I was going to bring to England, but I knew I could store them in the home of someone I know in church, temporarily, so it was all ok. I soon started on tidying up and getting ready for cleaning out the flat, but after a little while remembered an important errand I needed to do, and that was to scan the packing list I had written and send it to the moving company, so I had to travel to the city centre of Kristiansand and go to the library to do my errand.

While I was in the city I knew I had very much work left to do in my flat, because I needed to tidy up a lot and sort through papers and find out what to keep and not, find out what was rubbish etc., and after getting order in my things and taking things out of the flat that shouldn’t be there, I needed to clean the whole falt. Unfortunately so far I hadn’t gotten hold of any cleaning help, and I had prayed to God to send me help. Again, my kind friend who had helped me with my move and who is married to a lady friend of mine, came to my rescue. He suddenly sent me a text message while I was sitting at the library in the city, telling me that he had decided to help me clean out my flat. When I was back at my place, he waited for me, and then we both worked a lot for several hours to get my flat ready for me moving out and leaving my keys with my landlord.

I was very very tired, feeling aches and pains in my body, and felt I didn’t have so much strength left when coming back to my flat, being ready for cleaning, and I wouldn’t have managed very well without my friend being there to help me. God also helped me and strengthened me, and God had sent this friend to help me out, just in time. I did a lot of tidying up and sorting of things for a long time while my friend was cleaning the outside of my windows and different places in my flat, and later on we both were cleaning and getting things ready. It was a lot easier to get things done when my friend was there to help me, the work went much quicker than it would’ve done if I had been totally on my own, and it was uplifting and easier to hold out and work with getting the flat ready in the middle of being very very tired, when I had someone there with me to share the burden of the work with me. My friend also transported things for me, and he did a fantastic job in helping me out that evening, and in the end I could deliver my flat and the key I had used for it to my landlord, knowing the the flat was really clean and having a nice smell.

After handing the flat over to my landlord, I went with my friend who had helped me out to stay at his and his family’s place, and it was so good to see his wife and step daughter waiting for me at their place, and then I could finally relax a while and talk with them, and later on I went to sleep in a good bed and had more than just 3 or 4 hours sleep but probably around 7-8 hours of sleep, which was needed and good for me.

On Friday morning I travelled to my brother David who lives at Sola, where I’ve stayed the whole weekend and gotten to sleep and relax much, which has been very good for me after my very intensive moving days.

As I’m finishing this blog text I’m sitting at the airport at Sola, where I in a bit more than two hours will leave from and then move to England. This is the moving day where I move myself, so this is what is counted as my moving day, and this is the day where I will emigrate to England.

My moving period is soon over, and after the intensive days that I went through some days ago, it’s good to know that I’m soon in England and can relax and get started on my new life. I will tell you more about what I’m moving to in another blog text.

Thanks to God for all His help and strength in my moving period! :)