A Lovely Stay in Norway


This last weekend I’ve visited my parents in Norway and had a lovely stay. It has been great being in Norway again after not having been there for almost one year and often missing Norway a lot the last months.

I’ve enjoyed lots of hood fellowship, met my brother David too, and enjoyed Norwegian food and nature to mention something.

Hi. I’m back again, this time in England. The above text I wrote on Sola airport in Norway. As I was in the air I wrote a poem about my lovely weekend in Norway:

A Lovely Weekend in Norway

Being picked up by my brother David and having a little chat in the car on the way to my parents place

Being with my parents, having a typical Norwegian dinner – made just because of me

— love in thoughtfulnes and action

Receiving love from my paretns in so many ways, being touched and uplifted again and again

Relaxing with my parents and watching some online TV programmes

Eating a slice of bread with Norwegian brown cheese on and drinking a glass of Norwegian milk

Enjoying a long night’s sleep and soon after a bubbly bath in a Jacuzzi

Eating my mother’s nice rice porridge for lunch

Going for a short walk and finding nice gifts in a little gift shop

Enjoying having the house to myself as my parents were out in the evening

Eating the Norwegian Grandiosa pizza and lots of tasty snacks and sweets

Going for a day trip of sightseeing on Sunday with my parents – because they cancelled their plans of attending a church gathering to spend their day with me

— love in action

Walking up a hill and seeing great views of my birth city Stavanger and the surrounding areas around

Wandering through a forest and having a good time with my parents

Taking lots of photos and having fun

Going to a place of memory for the Norwegian kingdom

Enjoying the sun, fresh air and the sea breeze

Seeing three gigantic swords on a mountain base

Also noticing artistic photos photo motives

Using my dad’s photo camera from around that time, as my own phone had no more battery usage left

Going to a third place, a memorial place next to the sea

Watching marvellous views and thanking God for Norway

Walking and jumping from stone to stone, feeling active, healthy and happy

Enjoying the very strong wind together with the fresh air tainted by a sea smell

Enjoying time with my parents, loving them, Norway and Jesus

Coming back home to my parents place and eating a very nice Sunday dinner with beef steak and vegetables

Eating a sweet and very nice dessert

Relaxing and having “kaffikos” – a little cake meal – with my parents and my brother David who came visiting for a while – enjoying chatting and family time

Having a time of talking about important matters and praying together with my kind parents in the end

Having had a lovely and blessed weekend with my lovely parents :) and then saying farewells in the morning of today, Monday

Now looking forward to meeting my husband again :)


Ruth Kristin


Celebration Times


Today, the 20th of December, I’ve had a very nice day with a lot of family time and celebration. Like I have mentioned before, my parents are over from Norway, and they are staying with us for some days. Today Jonathan, my husband and I, also had a day visit of my sister and her family. We hadn’t seen them since our wedding, so it was very nice to meet them again. We celebrated my birthday that was yesterday and my dad’s birthday that is tomorrow. My mother made a lovely Norwegian Christmas dinner for us today, and she had also made a nice birthday cake and brought some little cakes from Norway for us. We had a lot of  fellowship together and exchanged Christmas gifts with each other too. After my sister and her family had left, I watched a very good film called “Courageous” with my husband and my parents.

Tomorrow we will continue celebrating my dad when it’s his birthday, the 21st of December.

I am blessed. God is good. :)

Good night.


Ruth Kristin

A Lovely Birthday


Today I’ve had a lovely birthday, celebrated with my husband and my parents in the morning, gone to a very nice Christmas party in the church and celebrated with two lady friends in the evening.

(I just clicked on the publish button too late again, so that the date of my publish text become the wrong one, the one I didn’t want, again, but at least I know that I’m writing around midnight, and that my birthday that has just gone by, the 19th of December, is my birthday and that I’ve just written this text a bit late. I started writing just right before midnight and tried sending out the text above before midnight, but was just too late again (like last night), but the main thing is that I’m telling about my lovely birthday, and now it’s only four minutes past midnight – it’s just become later and later as I’ve written this. Now I’ll soon tell you some more…)

In the morning I got a lovely handmade birthday card from my creative and sweet husband Jonathan, and I enjoyed a long and late birthday breakfast with him and my parents where I opened many nice gifts and had fun. Later on, some time after my husband had gone to work, I enjoyed a nice lunch with my parents and my friend Grace, and then we attended a very nice Christmas party in my church The Living Word where we socialized and also watched a very nice nativity play where the children did very well in the performance, and we got to see acting, singing and dancing. I met many different people, also people I hadn’t met before, and I had a very good time.

During my day I’ve received many nice greetings and hugs, and I’ve had many nice phone calls, including family people calling me, and some of my family members even sung for me on the phone, which was very nice.

In the evening I’ve enjoyed a very nice little party with my good friends Elodie and Grace. My parents went out for a meal and were gone for most of the time when my lady friends visited me. Grace and I made some food, and Elodie joined us a bit later and helped us prepare for our celebration time. We enjoyed a very nice meal, and we really enjoyed our time together. My husband joined our party not long after he had come back from work around half past ten and after I had finished watching a film with my lady friends, and then we ate a lovely cake my very kind mother had made for me with assistance from my fabulous dad. I’ve got lovely parents who’s helped out very much this day, and also the other days they’ve been here lately.

Now in between as I’ve written this blog text I’ve had breaks and spent time with my lovely husband. Now I’m very tired and will go to bed soon. I’m sitting and writing in a sofa in our living room as my husband is relaxing and watching “Match of the day”.

I’m very blessed and have had a very lovely birthday and had a lot of good experiences and many lovely and happy moments. I’ve been smiling and laughing a lot. The day that has just gone by and was finished about half an hour ago has been a very nice one for me.

I’m blessed. Thanks to God, my God, for a lovely birthday! :) Jesus is my Saviour, my Lord and King, and my God. He has blessed me with a wonderful birthday. :) Thanks to Jesus! 😀 Juhoo! 😀


Visit from Norway


Yesterday my parents came over from Norway to visit me and my husband for some days and meet up with both us and my sister and her family, who will join us on Sunday when we’ll celebrate my and my dad’s birthday.

It’s very nice to have my parents visiting, and they’re helping out a lot in the house and is a big blessing for me and my husband.

I’m very delayed in all the things I’ve got to do before Christmas, but God is good and is with me all the time.


Good night.


Addition added right after midnight the 19th of December:

I wrote this blog text during the last minutes of the 18th of December 2015. I wanted to publish the text before midnight, so that it would be registered on the right date, but I got delayed with a few seconds, and when I finally clicked the publish button, it just turned midnight just as I clicked or right after I had clicked the button, and it said 00:00 on my computer screen, so I thought that maybe I had clicked publish just a tiny bit too late, and it turned out that I had. Anyway, now you know I wrote the text on the 18th of December, the day before my birthday, which is the 19th, and when I wrote “yesterday” I meant Thursday the 17th. Now it’s a few minutes past midnight on the 19th of December, and my husband Jonathan has just come home from work, and he kissed me and wished me a happy birthday right after the date had turned into the 19th on my computer screen. He’s very sweet and lovely. :) Now I’ll go and eat some evening food with him and then go to bed. Good night. :)

Holiday in Norway

Hi there!

On Friday I travelled to Norway to go on a week’s holiday in my home country, and it was the first time I went to Norway after emigrating and therefore knowing that this time I live in another country and am only coming for a holiday. It’s still a bit strange and unusual to know I don’t live in Norway on a permanent basis, but in any case it’s always nice to come back to my home country after having been away for a while.

Since Friday I’ve visited my parents in Stavanger, in a flat they are renting here in addition to having a house of their own outside of Bergen.

Yesterday, Saturday, I went for a walk towards the city centre of Stavanger and had many nice views, like these ones that you can see on the photos below:

Below I’m this nice and quite typical Norwegian street.


20150516_145051A nice view with lovely tulips in a garden.

20150516_145502A nice little garden

20150516_145513Another nice house are with tulips

20150516_145556If you look closely there’s some art on the house wall in the middle of the photo above.

20150516_145735I like the ornaments on this house.

20150516_150007A nice street view

20150516_150131Three different buildings – and the St. John Church (St. Johannes-kirka) in the middle.

20150516_150547A lovely Japanese cherry tree in a Norwegian street area.

20150516_150927Another street view

20150516_151224An example of recycling stations in Norway

20150516_153111Street art

20150516_153201The ABC street

20150516_153334The building of the newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad

I enjoyed walking around in Stavanger and seeing new streets and places in my birth city, and earlier in the day I had enjoyed meeting one of my brothers and his kids and some other nice people, and in the evening I enjoyed the company of my parents and enjoyed a very tasty pizza that my mother had made.


Ruth Kristin


Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’m spending much time with some of my closest people these days while I’m on a holiday in the west of Norway. I’m with my fiance and his daughter, my parents, and my sister and other members of my big family.

Some of us celebrated the birth of Jesus at Gullbotn and have enjoyed much family time together.

On what we here in Norway call little Christmas Eve, I unfortunately had some pains in my left eye, and they kept on coming and going, coming and going, and I wasn’t well in the eye on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Yesterday I got to see a doctor in an Emergency unit, and after examining me, he sent me to the hospital in Bergen where an eye doctor checked me out. I was told I’ve got iritis, and I needed to buy a lot of medicine. Now I’ve used medicine since last evening and am already feeling somewhat better. I wear sunglasses to avoid the light sometimes, and I use eye drops. I’m still having some pains, but I feel they are coming less often and are not so strong as sometimes before. And the inflammation in my eye wasn’t so big, so that was good.

Today I’ve arrived at my parents’ place again, and I will now go to spend more time with my family people that I’m with.

Have a good evening, everyone! Jesus – our Saviour who came to this world – is alive. :)


Ruth Kristin

Thankful for Many Good Things :)

Hi there!

This evening I’ve thought about some things I’m thankful for and written about it on Facebook. Here’s what I wrote:

Since it’s Thanksgiving in America I want to tell you some things I’m grateful for and want to thank God, my Father for:
I thank God for my wonderful fiance Jonathan.
I thank God for my very kind and supportive parents, Solveig and Erling.
I thank God for my fantastic family – including my nephews and nieces.
I thank God for my future in-laws and family.
I thank God that I have many friends and know many people.
I thank God that I have a very good friend in Philinia.
I thank God that I have many good brothers and sisters in God’s family.
I thank God that I’m saved and given eternal life in Jesus because of His death and ressurrection. Hallelujah!
I thank God that things are moving on and looking good.
I thank God for some brilliant news I received today. Yuhoo!
I thank God for his faithfulnes, goodness and love.
I thank God that I’m made in His image, to be me, special and unique.
I thank God that my future is bright. Yuhoo!

God is good, and I’m blessed in many ways.

Good night, everyone! :)


Ruth Kristin

Holiday and Celebration Times


Lately, I’ve been on a holiday, and I still am. These times are times of holiday and celebration. I will give you some examples of how my holiday has been so far.

First I went to England, mainly to spend as much time as possible with my fiance, Jonathan, but also to meet up with other people I know in England. I came to England on Thursday the 19th of June. Then I hadn’t seen my fiance in real life since the Easter holiday, a couple of months earlier, so I was very happy when he came to meet me at Manchester airport and I could finally spend time with him again. That evening was also a special day, because it was the day when I turned 36 and a half, and it was the day that marked that it was just half a year left until our wedding weekend.

We also celebrated my new education these days, and Jonathan gave me a lovely card he had made with a drawing of his own and many kind and encouraging words, showing me that he was very happy for me and rejoiced with me in my finished education and many good grades.


Two days later, the 21st of June, we could rejoice in knowing that in half a year we would get married. This day we arrived in Trimdon with Jonathan’s daughter, and we had one night there and enjoyed lots of family time with Jonathan’s dad and sister who we met “up there”. It was a lovely weekend where we for instance had a barbeque on Saturday and also enjoyed a very good football match that day.

Then, on the 28th of June, it was time for celebrating my dear fiance, Jonathan. We attended an Award Dinner then where Jonathan and many other workers in the company Transpennine were honoured for excellent customer service. My fiance Jonathan had last year worked 25 years in the railway service and was given a diploma, a tie medal and flowers from his employer as a way of saying thank you and giving honour, and it was very nice.


On Sunday I went back to Norway, and on Monday morning I arrived at my parents’ place. Here I’m on a holiday, and since Tuesday my brother David and his kids Mathilde and Jonathan has been here, and also my nephew Daniel.

Wednesday evening we celebrated that I had fulfilled my education, and we also celebrated my nephew Jonathan, who turns 13 soon, in advance.


For over a month I’ve kept on feeling stressed again and again, and stress symptoms haven’t left my body yet. Today I felt very stressed and that I needed to relax in the day time, so I just stayed in bed after breakfast and took it easy and also slept a little extra. When it was time for lunch I felt so stressed and tired that I felt like just staying in bed even more. Then my mother was so kind to bring me a ready made plate with lunch on. She took it all the way down to the basement and the guest room I’m sleeping in, and she served me the lunch. After a chat with her, I ate the bread rolls that I could notice was prepared by a mother with a mother’s love. My mum is very kind and gives a lot of her time and energy to bless and serve me and the rest of her family.


My mother is also very kind to her husband, my dad, which brings me over to a special day today. This day 51 years ago my father proposed to my mother, and they got espoused, or you may say bethroed. Today it is called to get engaged. Had it not been for my parents pledge of faithfulness to each other and for them getting married and living faithfully together, I would not have gotten born or had such a good upbringing that I’ve had.

Now today I can also rejoice over my own little jubilee together with my fiance: Today we’ve been a couple for 18 months, which is one and a half year. I can’t be with him physically today, but we stay in touch with each other, and even though I miss him and can find that hard sometimes, I know that I can still be very happy to have him in my life. He’s the best man for me. He will soon become my husband, in less than half a year. I love him. :)

This evening I will watch some football and enjoy the evening and celebrations of the special day with the people in my family that I’m with.

Happy holidays to all of you out there who also is enjoying a summer holiday like me!