Deletion and Delays


I just want to tell you a little about my Facebook deletion process. Unfortunately I got delayed in the process, and it ended up with me pressing the deletion button several times and then going back into Facebook to collect more things and write more notices to people about deleting my account, but the last time I used Facebook was the night after Tuesday. I got delayed and didn’t get enough sleep in the end, much because of writing to people and collecting data on Facebook, but I decided in the end to draw a line and not write to more people, and then finally I was finished with Facebook.

The last days I’ve had so much to do in just a short amount of time, and it’s been difficult to get it all done within the normal time, and I’ve several nights been delayed in getting things done and stayed up long into the night and not gotten enough sleep, but finally I’ve got a holiday now – since yesterday – and had more sleep last night.


Ruth Kristin

My Facebook Decicion


I told you about my Facebook dilemma a couple of days ago and told you I in a couple of days would tell you about my final decicion about Facebook and why I the last months had kept on using Facebook when there was so much I didn’t like about it.

Here’s my decicion: In the summer I decided to delete my Facebook account, for very many different reasons. These reasons were related to for instance time, ethics, views on society issues, privacy and security matters, and a wish for a more simple life. I wanted to delete my account and start to live a life without Facebook, and my decicion was something I had thought a lot about and considered for a long time. I had been wondering about it for a long time, and when I made my final decicion, I was very happy about it.

So, why have I kept on using Facebook since the summer then? Well, I wanted to delete my account, but I felt that there was so much to do before I could delete it, because I wanted to collect contact information about people I wanted to stay in touch with, make sure I had written some greetings to some people I wanted to write to, and download my data, and not the least write some blog texts about the whole issue on my blog. These things put together felt like a big, overwhelming Facebook ending project, and it’s been like that for a long time now. It’s felt like a big process to end my time as a Facebook user. Not only that, when I had made my decicion about Facebook in the summer, I didn’t have so much time available for my Facebook ending project, and I’ve kept on putting off doing these things I wanted to do related to Facebook, and I’ve found it hard to get around to getting them done, because my life has often been very busy and stressful the last months, and I’ve had very much to think about and do. In addition to that I’ve sometimes had doubtful thoughts and even felt a bit unsure about the whole thing or felt it has been hard to stop using Facebook, as there are many things I like about using it too. However, I’ve felt back to the thought about deleting my account again and again after feeling a bit unsure, and I’ve felt that what I really wanted to do was to “break free” and just live a life without Facebook for different reasons.

Had Facebook functioned in a different way, been more secure and safe, and had I only used it for a few persons, and had Facebook not been sold to the stock market, and had I not been given ads, and had I not been experiencing any problems with Facebook, and had I not known about any dangers about Facebook, perhaps I could’ve used it a longer time. I know I’ve used the Facebook tool or what to call it voluntarily, and I’m not happy about putting in a lot of private messages with a lot of private information there about me, and I could’ve used Facebook in a different way, but I can’t undo what I’ve done, and in any case I’ve always known about things I haven’t liked about Facebook from when I started using it actively. I can not do anything about all the things that has happened, but I can do something about my own Facebook account and get used to a life without Facebook, which I feel I would like to, for various reasons.

Now my own deadline for myself is running out. I have to post this text within three minutes plus put a link to it on my Facebook wall to tell people I’m going to delete my Facebook account. I will do it. In five days from now, I’ll do it.

Thanks for reading! :)


Ruth Kristin

Assignment times…


I’m sorry I haven’t written for some days. On Tuesday I forgot all about writing here in the end, probably because I was spending a lot of time on thinking about a surprise I was making for my boyfriend. Then on Wednesday I was given some sad news and in the end never came around to blogging. On Thursday, yesterday, I studied quite a bit and in the evening was delayed by different things, and in the end it was too late for blogging, and this evening I’ve studied quite a lot, and now I’m tired and need to get ready for bed, so I can’t write much more here…

I also need to tell you that I’m in a busy assignment time where I’ve got many important assignments to deal with, so I will probably not be able to write here so much in the coming days, and maybe I will not be able to write here everyday, and maybe not at alle, until my semester at the university I’m at is over.


Good night. :)