Confessions of a Delayed Blogger

Hi there, all of my readers!

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing here for very long. There’s been very much going on, and I’ve often been very busy, and I’ve also often struggled with various things in my everyday life, like planning and organising, and this has affected my life, and also made it harder for me to come around to focus on my blog. There’s many factors that have played a part in delaying me and distracting me from working more on my blog, and then in the middle of it all I’ve kept on thinking about my blog now and then, putting off working on it now and then and probably often also forgetting about it with there being so much on my mind, and I’ve often had more than enough to deal with in my every day life, than to also be deeply thinking of what to write here and how to do things on my blog. I’ve basically often had a quite disorganised life, and I’ve felt that my everyday life often has been very messy and chaotic, and I’ve often felt very stressed.

Gradually my situation has started to improve the last weeks, and I now today felt like getting back into my blog writing, and finally I’m here.

My life hasn’t been perfect, and it has been very much filled up with challenges and struggles, and I have often been unhappy with how things have been. Then when I ideally would’ve liked to have been good at setting aside time for blogging and writing lots about my life, and the months have gone, and I’ve gotten more and more delayed in relation to all my ideas about what to write about, then it hasn’t made my blogging situation easier, as I would’ve liked to have told you many things from my last months in my life, and now I feel there’s heaps of things to write about, and that I need to catch up in relation to my ideas if I’m going to get to tell you a lot about how my life has been lately or at least give you some summaries from the time since I last wrote here, but I’m just not sure what to do now, as there’s so much to catch up on, but what I definetely will do is to send off this text soon and in this way just jump into my blogging again, and then hopefully I’ll soon write something more here.

I don’t want to pretend that I’ve got everything under control all the time. I don’t want to pretend that my life is perfect. I don’t want to pretend that I’ve got only good excuses for not writing here for many months. Actually, the situation has been far from me having everything under control all the time. I often struggle with keeping in control or on top of things in my everyday life, and this is one of the main things that has happened in this long period where there’s just been “silence” – me not writing – on my blog. Furthermore, my life has absolutely not been perfect, but filled with lots of challenges, difficulties, different types of pains, chaos, mess, disorganisation and not enough discipline – in addition to a lot of good things too, like nice moments, people praying for me and showing care, and enjoyable experiences, like eating a delicious meal.

It HAS been difficult for me to get blogging done, with how my life has been filled up with lots of important things to do and different challenges, a lack of organisation and other things that has affected my life situation, like mentioned before, but I believe I could’ve chosen to sit down and write here a long time ago, as I’ve managed to do a lot of letter writing lately, so I’ve showed myself I can set aside time for writing in that way. Basically, I haven’t been good enough at planning and at setting aside time for blogging lately, and I apologize for not writing regularly, at least once a month, lately. I don’t think it’s good for those readers who really want to read here and see what’s going on in my life. At the same time it’s not good for me to keep away for this long from my blog, for various reasons, for instance because I WANT to be active on my blog and develop my blog. I want this blog to bless people, and for it to happen more and more, I have to keep on writing, more and more.

That being said I have often felt that it’s been too much for me to deal with my blog the last months, and I’m asking you to please understand that side of things too, as sometimes life is so filled up with things to deal with that one can feel that certain things have to wait. Now I DO want to get back into my blogging again properly, though, and I really want to do some things to help myself, because I really want to suceed with this blog.

I think it’s very soon time for me to have a thorough planning session where I make some decicions for my blog and plan when I’m going to set aside time for working on my blog, writing texts for it and in other ways improving it.

I hope there are some readers out there who’s been reading my blog now and then, and who still wants to keep on reading here, and if you’re reading this, please will you send me some lines of comments to this blog text to let me know you are “hanging in there” still?

Take care, and have a very nice Tuesday onwards, if you read this this Tuesday I’ve written it, and if not have a very nice day whatever day it is for you! :)

Best wishes,

Ruth Kristin Burton


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