Holiday and Celebration Times


Lately, I’ve been on a holiday, and I still am. These times are times of holiday and celebration. I will give you some examples of how my holiday has been so far.

First I went to England, mainly to spend as much time as possible with my fiance, Jonathan, but also to meet up with other people I know in England. I came to England on Thursday the 19th of June. Then I hadn’t seen my fiance in real life since the Easter holiday, a couple of months earlier, so I was very happy when he came to meet me at Manchester airport and I could finally spend time with him again. That evening was also a special day, because it was the day when I turned 36 and a half, and it was the day that marked that it was just half a year left until our wedding weekend.

We also celebrated my new education these days, and Jonathan gave me a lovely card he had made with a drawing of his own and many kind and encouraging words, showing me that he was very happy for me and rejoiced with me in my finished education and many good grades.


Two days later, the 21st of June, we could rejoice in knowing that in half a year we would get married. This day we arrived in Trimdon with Jonathan’s daughter, and we had one night there and enjoyed lots of family time with Jonathan’s dad and sister who we met “up there”. It was a lovely weekend where we for instance had a barbeque on Saturday and also enjoyed a very good football match that day.

Then, on the 28th of June, it was time for celebrating my dear fiance, Jonathan. We attended an Award Dinner then where Jonathan and many other workers in the company Transpennine were honoured for excellent customer service. My fiance Jonathan had last year worked 25 years in the railway service and was given a diploma, a tie medal and flowers from his employer as a way of saying thank you and giving honour, and it was very nice.


On Sunday I went back to Norway, and on Monday morning I arrived at my parents’ place. Here I’m on a holiday, and since Tuesday my brother David and his kids Mathilde and Jonathan has been here, and also my nephew Daniel.

Wednesday evening we celebrated that I had fulfilled my education, and we also celebrated my nephew Jonathan, who turns 13 soon, in advance.


For over a month I’ve kept on feeling stressed again and again, and stress symptoms haven’t left my body yet. Today I felt very stressed and that I needed to relax in the day time, so I just stayed in bed after breakfast and took it easy and also slept a little extra. When it was time for lunch I felt so stressed and tired that I felt like just staying in bed even more. Then my mother was so kind to bring me a ready made plate with lunch on. She took it all the way down to the basement and the guest room I’m sleeping in, and she served me the lunch. After a chat with her, I ate the bread rolls that I could notice was prepared by a mother with a mother’s love. My mum is very kind and gives a lot of her time and energy to bless and serve me and the rest of her family.


My mother is also very kind to her husband, my dad, which brings me over to a special day today. This day 51 years ago my father proposed to my mother, and they got espoused, or you may say bethroed. Today it is called to get engaged. Had it not been for my parents pledge of faithfulness to each other and for them getting married and living faithfully together, I would not have gotten born or had such a good upbringing that I’ve had.

Now today I can also rejoice over my own little jubilee together with my fiance: Today we’ve been a couple for 18 months, which is one and a half year. I can’t be with him physically today, but we stay in touch with each other, and even though I miss him and can find that hard sometimes, I know that I can still be very happy to have him in my life. He’s the best man for me. He will soon become my husband, in less than half a year. I love him. :)

This evening I will watch some football and enjoy the evening and celebrations of the special day with the people in my family that I’m with.

Happy holidays to all of you out there who also is enjoying a summer holiday like me!

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    • Thank you very much, Darling, my love! :) I’m glad you liked my text, and it is so good to have your support and encouragement when it comes to my writing. It means a lot. Thank you.

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