Lovely Days

Hi there,

Some days ago: 14.11.14. :) It was a beautiful date where I had a beautiful time with my beautiful fiance Jonathan who that day came over to my beautiful country Norway. We both travelled from two different places – he from York in England and I from Kristiansand in Norway – and met in the West of Norway.

Since that day, the first time I saw Jonathan in about a month, I’ve shared some lovely days with my lovely prince and my lovely parents in the lovely place that my parents live in outside of Bergen, Norway’s next biggest city.


This evening, the 19th of November, I have arrived back home to my place in Kristiansand after saying good bye to my sweet and kind parents in their area, and after taking farwell with my sweet and kind fiance Jonathan at the airport in Bergen.

Jonathan and I have had some special days, and they have marked a new time for us. We are now stronger as a couple, and we will keep on getting stronger. We trust in God and His guidance, and we know that all things work for the good for those who love Him.


Ruth Kristin



2 thoughts on “Lovely Days

  1. Hi darling,
    Back in york now, and I miss you.
    Yes, we had such a lovely special time At your parents.
    And yes, this is a new time for us, and God is with us. Full of goodness and joy as we move forward in strength and love.
    You are my princess and all my dream lady could be.


    • Hi, my love.

      Thank you very much for that lovely comment! :)

      You are wonderful, Jonathan, and you will become my wonderful future husband.

      I miss you too.

      Yes, God is with us. :)

      Your princess :)

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