The Power of Positive Pressure

When you have a lot to do and a lot to think about, life can feel difficult, stressful and overwhelming, at least if the amount of things you have to deal with is so many that you feel you can’t cope or can’t get it all done within the time frame you think or believe is ideal. This has been my experience again and again, and I’ve noticed time and again how thinking a lot about how much I’ve got to do or thinking about a lot of those things within a few seconds, can make me feel really overwhelmed, and feeling overwhelmed doesn’t make me feel very motivated, and I guess that’s true for you too. We all like to feel that we have motivation for what we need to do, and we all want to feel that we are able to do what’s ahead of us and tackle the challenges that we are facing in our lives.

At this point, when you need to do something, and you need motivation to do it, then a positive pressure upon you that inspires you, can really spur you on and help you to accomplish things. It can even help you to get things done in a quicker way than you usually do things. This is what I want to call: the power of positive pressure. Let me tell you what I mean when I say this.

As the opposite of feeling you have to do something you don’t really want to do or don’t feel is any fun to do, you can have a positive pressure upon you where you feel like you want to achieve something, either because doing it feels fun or interesting, or because you know that by doing it you will achieve a positive outcome that motivates you, or it could be that it’s a bit of both going on – you both like doing what you are going to do and you also know that it will give a positive result, a result that you will like.

Let me give you some examples. If you feel like you’re tired in the morning and that you don’t really want to get up, or you feel like you don’t want to or find it easy to be quick to get ready for the day, and maybe it’s partly because you don’t have any clear plan for your day and don’t feel motivated for getting started on your day, then getting out of bed can feel difficult, and when you’re out of bed having a good start to the day or being quick in getting ready, can be hard. If you for instance don’t have a positive plan for the day where you know what you are going to do and what time you need to be ready for in the morning, then you can easily feel very little or no motivation for getting ready quickly, and you ¬†might have a slow start to your day. On the other hand, if you had a good and positive plan for the day before going to bed the previous day, and if you knew that you were going to do something you would enjoy doing or something that would give you a positive outcome, or maybe many positive outcomes, then you would have a postive pressure upon you for getting ready in the morning and you would feel motivated for gettiing up, for having a good start and for getting ready in time for your first appointment with yourself or others that day.

Another example is, that if you knew that if you would earn some money by doing some household chores for a family member that has asked you for doing some chores for him or her, then you would probably feel motivated for doing the chores you’ve been asked to do.

Basically, I’m trying to tell you that there is a lot of power in a positive pressure. A positive pressure can inspire you, motivate you, excite you and get you into a good and active flow, and it can make you do things much faster than you normally do, and it can lead to great achievement.

I’ll quickly tell you a little bit about how the power of positive pressure has helped me this morning: I had a positive plan that partly consisted of having to get ready for nine o clock today, because then I was going to go on a morning walk, and that positive plan inspired me to quickly get ready and do a lot of positive things in the morning, and in the end I managed to go out for my morning walk at nine. There’s great power in a positive pressure.


Ruth Kristin

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